Nilton Magic Stand - Made in Sweden - Stand Only
Nilton Magic Stand - Made in Sweden - Stand Only
Nilton Magic Stand - Made in Sweden - Stand Only


Nilton Magic Stand - Made in Sweden - Stand Only

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The Nilton Magic features an ingenious desk design made of impact-resistant ABS plastic with an extra accessory shelf into which the stand base fits perfectly, and weighs less than 3.5 lbs. Desk hinges allow the desk to fold in half and can then be secured with two clips for amazingly compact storage. Add the nicely padded Nilton Magic Stand Bag and you've got one incredibly lightweight, compact, and very professional looking, functional stand for the musician on the go!

"No tipping... great writing surface... easy carrying... my choice for 20 years!
- Charles AvSharian, Shar CEO

Both the standard Nilton #1565 and Nilton Magic #1570 use the attractive and innovative base which features adjustable height collapsible legs and a lightweight, telescoping anodized aluminum shaft adjustable in two places with locking clamps. A simple 1/4 to 1/2 turning of screws at locking clamps allows for tightening clamps to ensure many years of use. Lip depth is 1 inch.

Customer Reviews

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Great stand!!

I bought one recently for myself, and I like it so much that I'm now buying one for my husband as a birthday present, plus an extra one for the home. The latches work great! Maybe the disgruntled customers received defective stands. Mine works wonderfully.

Great stand!

I have used mine for a year now and find it to be perfect product for my use. Sturdy, light, portable, easy to use and attractive. Worth every penny!

Disappointing. Could have been great.

The basic design of this stand is very good. It's the execution of it that is poor.
The desk itself is flimsy, somewhat due to the thin plastic (I've used another brand that is made out of plactics, and is very sturdy).
There is a single wedge (the top of the legs assembly) that locks the top and bottom halves of the desk in place. This contributes to the flimsy feel of the desk.
The leg design and tilt mechanism design are very good.
But the legs are actually my biggest complaint, as the leg braces (that connect from each leg to the center tube pivots) are plastic, with a lot of "give" to them. As such, anytime that you touch the stand for any reason, the desk will rock back and forth for several seconds (this is at standing height). When trying to read music, or in any kind of wind, I would think that this would be an issue.
I'm undecided whether to like it or not (and whether to even keep it). Setup is very quick, and the stand is very light. Too light, in my opinion.
If it had the leg braces made out of aluminum (and thicker plastic of the desk), it could have been a great stand.
For the price, I would have expected better construction. If this were half the price, it still would be overpriced, in my opinion.


Just bought this stand and I am very disappointed! For the price ($129) construction is very flimsy, all the joints are plastic with a single latch - those will not last, even new the stand easily goes down with a slight push. The legs are too light and stand is not stable at all. It will work as a portable stand but not as regular studio stand.

My favourite portable stand

We've been using this stand for 7 or 8 years now and it's brilliant. Lightweight, portable and way more stable than any other folding stand. No, it is not as sturdy as a regular orchestra stand but it's way easier to pack around. Plus you can clip a stand light to the desk (or clothes pins to stop your music blowing away on outdoor gigs), stash pencils, capos, mutes or whatever on the little tray underneath, and there's room in the carry bag for sundry small items. We do use it at home, but where it really shines is for gigs, practices, jams and anywhere you need to carry a stand (plus your instrument(s) and all your other stuff) with you.

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