Multi Mouse Teaching Aid - Green Mouse Purple Band

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Multi Mouse Teaching Aid - Green Mouse Purple Band

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A cute and highly versatile teaching aid!

Teacher creativity is the number one tool for making learning both fun and effective! The Multi Mouse is a device that was born from a teacher’s creativity, and which lends itself to perfectly to creative use as a fun and focus-driven teaching aid. The construction is simple - a snap-on bracelet attached with velcro to a stuffed plush mouse. However, the uses are many. String teacher and creator of the Multi-Mouse, Sharon Kuhn, offers some use recommendations in the included brochure:

  1. Bow Tube - used in place of an instrument to practice arm motion or rhythms.
  2. Bow Guide - by attaching to the instrument to help keep the bow from veering too close to the bridge or over the fingerboard.
  3. Left Hand Shape Guide - showing how the fingers naturally curve when relaxed over the shape of the mouse.
  4. Shifting and Vibrato Assist – letting the mouse glide up and down the string to practice arm, wrist, and hand use in shifting and vibrato.
  5. Balanced Posture Indicator – a safe device to set on the instrument top to promote a level instrument.
  6. A “Pre-Twinkle” Game Prop – for games like Hickory Dickory Dock, or other teaching games.
  7. Left Wrist Posture Aid – attaches to the left wrist and reminds the player to avoid a collapsed wrist.

Let imagination and creativity make violin and viola lessons fun and productive with the Multi Mouse! Available in two combinations: pink mouse with yellow bracelet, or green mouse with purple bracelet.

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