Manhasset Voyager Music Stand - Collapsing Legs
Manhasset Voyager Music Stand - Collapsing Legs
Manhasset Voyager Music Stand - Collapsing Legs


Manhasset Voyager Music Stand - Collapsing Legs

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The Manhasset Voyager is designed to provide all of the benefits of the classic standard #AC48 stand, but also the portability of a folding base and locking mechanism on desk for easy dis-assembly, transport, & storage. Weighs 7 lbs. The Voyager bag is also available #AC48VB, or purchase together as #AC48VS.Other than locking mechanism for desk, and design of the base legs, this is the same stand as the standard AC48. Stand height ranges from 26" to 48" measured from lip of desk to the floor.
Accessories for Manhasset stands include: Classic Pit Orchestra Stand Lamp #1551, Stand-Out 2-part plastic extenders #1448, very handy slide on accessory shelf #AC52, MusiClip #AC53 transparent to hold down music.

Customer Reviews

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Best folding stand ever!

I have had my Manhasset stand at least 7 years, probably longer. I have never had any problems with it. I have played on the beach, in sand, and at windy venues, and it does not tip over. I have played on rubber mats, and it remains stable. My stand partner
often readjusts the height, pulls it up to a higher level, during a performance and the music does not tip, slide, or fall off. I keep it in my trunk, and it has not rusted in Hawaii's humidity. The stand has outlasted 3 of the tote bags, I have prolonged
the tote bag "life" by covering the adjustable slide with a rubber cane tip (prevents the slide from cutting into the material). All-in-all and excellent investment! I, also, use the stand extenders (stand outs) and the plastic "lip" bow-holder; great investments,

Great Stand

I grew up with Manhasset stands - to me, the industry standard - the best. I bought one of these several years ago for my son. When he is performing outside with his quartet and the wind is blowing, the others, with wire stands, watch their music fly off the stand. Not with this stand. It's durable, sturdy, portable, you can write on it, and the wind doesn't blow through. Also about half the weight of a regular Manhasset.

Disappointing Manhasset

I recently purchased the Manhasset Voyager stand because I thought it would provide easy portability. I found it extremely difficult to assemble and on my first gig using it, the bolt that holds the stand to the legs came out and was lost. I called Manhasset to ask for a replacement bolt and got only voice mail. I left a message but they have never returned the call. VERY disappointing since I have used Manhasset stands for years.

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