Liebenzeller Gold IV Cello Rosin Soft Grade


Liebenzeller Gold IV Cello Rosin Soft Grade

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Liebenzeller Rosin

Liebenzeller metal rosin has been made in a small village in the German Black Forest for over 40 years. The unique recipe was developed in the workshop of the Viennese violin maker Dr. Thomastik as early as 1922. Made traditionally by hand, Liebenzeller rosin contains delicate bubbles which emphasize the special quality and spirited nature of the rosin. Using pure larch resin with the addition of different metals produces livelier, warmer and brighter sounds than other rosins. This will help produce enhanced tonal volume, greater modulation and carrying power, conveying the individual sound of the instrument without effort, and one-sided tones can be compensated. The bow develops an excellent and even response, with ambient noise minimized.

Choosing the right rosin is critical as it is the rosin that creates the sound while playing. Liebenzeller rosin enhances a string instrument's sound as well as the player's creativity with as little effort as possible. We are proud to reintroduce Liebenzeller rosin to the United States after an extended period when it was unavailable here.

Liebenzeller rosin is available with Gold, Silver, Copper or Meteor Iron added for a range of unique sounds.

Uniquely balanced; the sound is full, round and warm as well as bright and crisp, transparent and light in high notes.

Grades I (hard) to VI (soft): the softer grades make the harshness of an instrument milder and enhance it, the harder grades provide more clarity.

Gold IV: uniquely balanced, a bit more mellow (cello)

Customer Reviews

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william schneiderman
Great Rosin

I like this rosin quite well. It has a nice grip on the lower strings where it is needed. Also the tone produced is rich and rounded- that's what I wanted!

Excellent Rosin!

I love this rosin! Easy dynamics and bow switches. Brings out a sweet and full sound on the A string. I use it with the shar dark cello rosin.

The best rosin. Period.

I've been using this rosin for a while and absolutely love it. The sound is great and it makes the strings vibrate easily. I have a cabon fiber bow that is a bit on the light side, and this rosin really helps in grabing the strings. To reinforce my testimony on this rosin: I recently forgot the cake at a friend's house. He lives far away, and I didn't want to make a second trip. I went to a local store and all they had was the cheap, light amber stuff that comes in a red box. Boy oh boy! My bow was simply gliding on the strings and making horrible noises. It simply did not have much grabbing power. The tone was scratchy, too. Now that I have my Liebenzeller back, and have had the opportunity to compare, I have to say that this really is the best rosin out there. Well worth the $30. Buy it. Your tone will be so much better.

Best Cello Rosin

I have tried several brands of cello rosin and this is my favorite! Shipping was fast and we'll package. The box is sturdy and is small enough to fit into bag/case without any problems. It was a little smaller than expected but it's still worth the money.
Grips well on the strings and the sound is absolutely amazing. I will definitely buy again.

Absolutely awesome!

This rosin works very welll with my carbon fiber bow and my cello. It does create full, round, and warm sound on my cello. I am so happy to order this rosin. I have another rosin, Andrea, which makes my cello sound brighter and projection better. But I still prefer this rosin.

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