Liebenzeller Gold I Violin Rosin Harder Grade


Liebenzeller Gold I Violin Rosin Harder Grade

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Liebenzeller Rosin

Liebenzeller metal rosin has been made in a small village in the German Black Forest for over 40 years. The unique recipe was developed in the workshop of the Viennese violin maker Dr. Thomastik as early as 1922. Made traditionally by hand, Liebenzeller rosin contains delicate bubbles which emphasize the special quality and spirited nature of the rosin. Using pure larch resin with the addition of different metals produces livelier, warmer and brighter sounds than other rosins. This will help produce enhanced tonal volume, greater modulation and carrying power, conveying the individual sound of the instrument without effort, and one-sided tones can be compensated. The bow develops an excellent and even response, with ambient noise minimized.

Choosing the right rosin is critical as it is the rosin that creates the sound while playing. Liebenzeller rosin enhances a string instrument's sound as well as the player's creativity with as little effort as possible. We are proud to reintroduce Liebenzeller rosin to the United States after an extended period when it was unavailable here.

Liebenzeller rosin is available with Gold, Silver, Copper or Meteor Iron added for a range of unique sounds.

Uniquely balanced; the sound is full, round and warm as well as bright and crisp, transparent and light in high notes.

Grades I (hard) to VI (soft): the softer grades make the harshness of an instrument milder and enhance it, the harder grades provide more clarity.

Gold I: uniquely balanced, more distinct (violin)

Customer Reviews

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Friederike Lehrbass
Good rosin

I bought my first Gold1 Liebenzeller Rosin almost 10 years ago and was happy with it. But within the last year esp it swindle quiet a bit and I only a few little pieces left ,so I finally bought another one and what difference. My bow actually plays nice again. It is a nice good quality overall Rosin

The legend is true

The legend is true. This is what you find at the end of the rainbow. Tone quality is pure magic. Very strong tone. Increased instrument volume by a hair. Little on the warm side. The meteor rock version is almost as strong, tone is a little bright. This
brand does change the tone of your instrument. It's worth trying out different formulas. My biggest grip is the size of the rosin. It's a bit on the small size, compared to Pirastro. When you pay $30 for rosin, you want a Texas sized chunk of rosin. Perhaps
they're trying to be classy and give you a small portion.


I honestly found this rosin quite disappointing. Perhaps the original recipe warranted the cult following that it has. Having used the far less expensive Motrya Gold for many years, I find it superior. As a Thomastik-Infeld artist, I'm now using a combination of their Pi and Vision rosins (for violin and viola respectively) and am extremely pleased. As for this Liebenzeller, after just a handful of swipes it's now sitting in a drawer. Save your $30 IMO.

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