Larsen Il Cannone Cello A String
Larsen Il Cannone Cello A String
Larsen Il Cannone Cello A String
Larsen Il Cannone Cello A String
Larsen Il Cannone Cello A String
Larsen Il Cannone Cello A String

Il Cannone (Larsen)

Larsen Il Cannone Cello A String

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Larsen Il Cannone Cello A String

The new Larsen Strings Il Cannone cello range has been hailed as a step change in cello string development. Available in two variants, Direct & Focused and Warm & Broad, all eight strings are mutually compatible and fully interchangeable. By design. Il Cannone for cello gives you a toolbox of options to choose from to optimise your individual sound. Built upon the powerful foundations of a rich and expressive core sound, Il Cannone for cello offers you a rich palette of set up combinations.

A ready-made toolbox of string options avoiding the expense and frustration of unreliable trial and error. The cellist can modify and control the tone of their instrument in a way that is easy to predict. The core sound can be blended with any Il Cannone string combination(s) because all of the options are of a similar moderate tension and engineered to complement one another.

Instrument: Cello
String Type: A
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium

A String: Stainless steel wound over a steel core

String Tonal Profile:

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Courtney

Larsen Il Cannone Cello A String

Love at first down bow <3

So i just tried Il Cannone strings for the first time and wow! I have played for over 30 years and have been using Larsen soloist strings for a long time but decided to give these a try after reading about them and doing a little research. My cello is a 100 year old darker sounding German cello and I originally tried the warm and broad A, but discovered that I needed a brighter A string, so I ordered the direct and focused A and it was perfect! The perfect combo for my cello is the warm and broad C (which is amazing) and then the rest in direct and focused. I am really enjoying these strings and like them better than the old set I was using which was Larson soloist and Piastro gold lower strings. Will definitely be purchasing another set next time!

Great A String

This is a great string if you have a cello that has a brighter sound than you wish and you are looking for an A string with a darker sound. I have had a Bianca cello for 17 years and have tried a variety of A strings. I have used, for the most part, Pirastro
Aricore for the D, G and C strings because they produce a warm and dark, without sounding muddy, sound on a Bianca cello. If I were to rank the various A strings I have used, it would be as follows: 1. Larsen Il Cannone Warm & Broad 2. Larsen Soloist Edition
3. Pirastro Obligato 4. Pirastro Passione 5. Jarger 6. Pirastro Chromcor 7. DíAddirro Helicore Thus far I have used the Il Cannone Warm&Broad on the version of Jesu, Joy of Manís Desiring that appears in the Latham Wedding Album for Cellists, which was transposed
from G up to A to save the Cellist from string changes during most of the running triplets. In this particular arrangement, you are playing primarily in the range from the open A up to the D that is above middle harmonic A. The string performs wonderfully.
I have also played scattered movements from the first two of the Bach Suites as well as The Swan by Saint Saens, and been very pleased with the sound quality. It is clear without being dull, and it does not have the tinny sound that I heard on a lot of the
other A strings that I used. I also played scales on it right up to the C above high A harmonic and the sound was solid and not brittle, as it can be on a less expensive cello. I also checked out the low harmonic E, in case anyone was wondering, and it was
clear too. The string blends in wonderfully with the synthetic core Aricore strings, so I would expect it to do so with any gut/synthetic or steel core string with a warmer sound. While not cheap, it is well worth the extra money to have an A string that can
help an inexpensive cello, and a so-so cellist, sound good. I would recommend this string very highly to anyone seeking a warmer sound, especially out of an A string, for their cello. It certainly lives up to its name of Warm & Broad.

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