Kaplan Forza - Viola String Set - Medium Gauge - Long

Kaplan (D'Addario)

Kaplan Forza - Viola String Set - Medium Gauge - Long

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Kaplan Forza Viola Strings

The Kaplan Forza viola set is aimed at the most discerning professional musicians. These strings offer the beautiful, rich tonal palette and the superb bowing response characteristic of the Kaplan line. The set provides clarity and warmth across registers, and versatility throughout the dynamic spectrum, allowing top-level players the control, expression, and worry-free playing experience they demand.

Sized to fit long-scale viola (body length 16-16 1/2 inches) with a playing length of 15 inches (380mm), these medium tension strings are optimized to the needs of a majority of players. Packaged in uniquely-designed sealed pouches providing unparalleled protection from the elements that cause corrosion.

Instrument: Viola
String Type: Set
Size: 16 - 16 1/2 inch
Gauge: Medium

A String: Aluminum-titanium wound over a steel core, Ball End
D String:
Aluminum wound over a stranded steel core
G String:
Silver wound over a stranded steel core
C String: Tungsten-silver wound over a stranded steel core

String Tonal Profile:

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Tyler Henderson
Love Kaplan Forza strings!

I love the Kaplan Forza viola strings. I’ve also tried Kaplan Amo, which I found to be too warm of a sound for my viola. Also, Amo strings don’t last as long as Forza, in my opinion. I’ve also tried the Kaplan Vivo strings, which I admire for their brightness of tone, but like the Amo strings, Vivo didn’t last as long as the Forza strings. In my opinion, Forza offers the most balanced tone and durability of the Kaplan line and they are my favorite.

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