John Cheng "The Paganini" Stradivari Violin
John Cheng "The Paganini" Stradivari Violin
John Cheng "The Paganini" Stradivari Violin
John Cheng "The Paganini" Stradivari Violin

John Cheng

John Cheng "The Paganini" Stradivari Violin

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Inspired by the 1727 Stradivarius... acclaimed as one of the finest and most perfect of this maker... The original violin was sold to Paganini in 1817 by Count Cozio di Salabue. The tone of our model is clear, articulate and sonorous. A remarkable instrument for any advancing violinist. The Paganini, made for us in China, conforms to our specifications with expert set-up performed in our Ann Arbor workshop. 4/4 only.

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Excellent Violin for the price!

This violin was "instrumental" in helping my daughter make it to the Texas All State Orchestra despite starting late (12 yrs old) and no formal education until later. We tried several strings to go with it but the obligato gave it a deep rich sound. We
tested several violins from shar (shipped at a minimum cost) and her violin teacher confimed that this was superior to the other violins; even better than some of his practice violins. Great buy!

Advanced Student: Found my perfect musical partner!

I tried this violin as well as the Lamberti Master Series and the Karl Joseph Schneider Master Art violin on a home trial and then I also took them to a local reputable violin shop and played violins from $1500-$2500 there and I just kept coming back to this sweet Paganini. My teacherís very first words were, ìOh, that has such a sweet tone.î Itís also set up perfectly for optimum playability. Our local luthier who is a musician himself checked it out and said I could not go wrong with this purchase. I look forward to playing this lovely violin for the rest of my life. Thank you Shar!

Beautiful & Responsive Instrument

I recently purchased the" John Cheng Paganini" violin, and I couldn't be happier with the instrument. After trying it out for a week with another violin that was priced more, and having my teacher play on both of them as well, we both agreed that this violin was the best choice. It has wonderful projection, gorgeous tone across all strings, and it is very responsive. I have only been playing on it for a month, and already it is losing that "nasal" quality most new violins have, and the sound is opening up and becoming more full. The picture also does not do it justice whatsoever. The color, varnish, and gorgeous flaming on the one piece back make it stand out. I would highly recommend this violin, especially for someone who is wanting to step up to a more advanced instrument. I feel that for the price, it's an incredible find.


I tried this, the Karl Joseph Schneider Master Art, and the Carlo Lamberti from Shar (as well as 4 violins from a local luthier in NYC). I disliked the Karl Joseph, liked the Carlo Lamberti, but preferred the John Cheng. It has the most even tone across
all strings (changing between the A and E strings was much more noticeable on the Lamberti). The Lamberti also projects more on the low end, but the more neutral even-ness and "rounded" sound of the John Cheng is just... prettier. I've only owned it for a
few weeks now but I'm impressed every day I pick it up.

Beautiful violin

My daughter had this violin for almost 2 weeks already. The sound is so beautiful. She really enjoys playing. Thank you Shar.

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