John Cheng Limited Series Violin
John Cheng Limited Series Violin
John Cheng Limited Series Violin
John Cheng Limited Series Violin

John Cheng

John Cheng Limited Series Violin

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The BEST $2,500 Violin in the World. Guaranteed.

TEACHER CHALLENGE: If for any reason you and your student don't agree this is the best $2,500 violin, simply return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. If the instrument is returned within that time period due to dissatisfaction, we will send you, the teacher, a $25 Shar gift certificate for your efforts.

We asked for the very best from the John Cheng workshop, and they responded with this remarkable limited series. Inspired by the greatest known Guarneri del Gesu, each violin is delicately handcrafted using European tonewoods carefully selected and patiently aged. The resulting tonal characteristics are refined and graceful yet with a powerful, muscular sound. The John Cheng Limited Edition Guarneri is at its best in recital, where it amply fills the room with its appealing sound.

"The violins of the John Cheng Limited series are outstanding instruments of superb quality. An instrument of this caliber would be at home on the concert stage or recording studio. In fact, I am looking forward to using one in my own recording work."
- Endre Granat,
Concertmaster, Hollywood Studios

"I just recently purchased a John Cheng Limited Series violin as a backup to my Gagliano, and I love it. I find the power, depth, richness, and ease of playing to be astonishing. I see this as a real game-changer for my students, for this instrument is comparable to violins costing much more."
- Larry Shapiro,
Artist in Residence, Professor of Violin, Butler University

Customer Reviews

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And awesome violin my mother and her aunt bought it for me!!

And awesome violin my mother and her aunt bought this for me 4 years ago! It has great sound it projects very well! It is a most have!!!

GREAT Step-Up Instrument!

I have had three students in my program purchase this instrument and all three instruments sound fantastic! I would expect a violin of this quality and sound to sell for at least double of what Shar is asking. Anytime a students is looking for their first "nice" instrument, this is the instrument I recommend they try first!

Duncan Talome

I had this violin for about a week and the Karl Joseph Schneider Master Art too. I was not impressed with the Chen, the pegs were not well done, won't hold the string, the bridge was not fitted well, it needed some work. the sound was loud but lacks projection. I didn't like it. The Schneider was a bit better.


This instrument sounds phenomenal! Reading about the descriptions about this violin, I was expecting something pretty amazing.. and the John Cheng Limited definitely delivered. For a $3000 violin, it goes above and beyond. The sound is even, it's rich, robust, powerful, and full (meaty is a good definition for the sound). It is quite loud too. Being anew violin, the sound wasn't fully settled into the violin. But, as I play more and more on it, I can hear the violin opening up and sounding fuller and much, much better. Aside from that, the violin itself is beautiful! The varnish is well done and the back, too, looks outstanding.
Everyone who played it, gave good feedback and compliments about it! And I'm definitely with them. This is a violin I'm going to keep for a very long time!

May I Ask...

I like this Model. --John ChengÆ Limited Series Violin - 4/4 size --. It sounds very warm and sweet. Would you please tell me what make the strings are, what kind of bow it is , and what rosin for that.
I want to get one ...
Thanks alot.

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