John Cheng® Stradivari Cello - 4/4 size
John Cheng® Stradivari Cello - 4/4 size
John Cheng® Stradivari Cello - 4/4 size

John Cheng

John Cheng® Stradivari Cello - 4/4 size

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John Cheng cellos combine the finest, aged tonewoods from China, meticulous workmanship, and expert varnish work. This Stradivari model captures the essence of the great Italian master, and gives us the tonal qualities which have set Strads apart as the gold standard for design and acoustics: full-bodied warmth and sonorous brilliance, with excellent response and balance. Carefully crafted under the watchful eye of a European trained master luthier, you can be assured of the lasting quality of this fine cello.

Customer Reviews

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Simply Amazing!!!

When I decided to upgrade from a rental cello, I had a hard time deciding between the John Cheng Stradivari and the Otto Ernst Fischer Bianca. I decided to try the John Cheng first, and because it was on backorder, I waited over a month for it to be shipped. During the wait, I considered canceling my order and getting the Bianca instead, but Iím so happy I didnít. I must say it was well worth the wait!! First, letís start with appearance. This cello is gorgeous!! The impeccable workmanship, the highly flamed back, and the slight antiquing make this appear to be a much older and more expensive instrument. The color is absolutely stunning, and the set-up is perfect. I can now play the open G string without hitting the D string, which I was rarely able to do on my rental because the bridge wasnít shaped quite right. Now, more importantly, letís discuss the tone. All I can say is wow!! This cello is so resonant... I could actually feel it vibrating against my chest while playing. The strings ring beautifully, and the tone is so clear. The tone of the C and G strings is so warm and richÖ itís absolutely beautiful. If you are looking for a beautiful instrument that will take you through many levels, Iíd highly recommend the John Cheng Stradivari cello. I donít think youíll be disappointed.

Happy then sad

My daughter cried at Christmas, she was so happy we surprised her with this cello. The sound is magnificent and the cello is beautiful!! It was 5 stars all the way!! 3 months later it split up the front and the seems are coming apart. Now she is crying
like weíve cut off her arm. Shar has been very responsive and we will be taking it to their Ann Arbor store for them to hopefully fix or replace it. Will update after our visit to the store.

Defective Construction

Very disappointing! Within a week of receiving this Cello it started to crack from its tail piece. When I reached out to Shar's Customer Service, instead of taking responsibility, they immediately asked about the "environment" in which the Cello was stored.
Essentially implying that the structural issues with the Cello were somehow my fault. I should also note that I have rented and owned several Cello's throughout my life (I am renting one now) and I have NEVER had this issue occur .... clearly the "environment"
is inconsequential to the structurally deficient Cello that Shar sold me. I reached out 2 weeks ago and have yet to have a resolution despite sending emails and pictures. My parents swore by Shar when I was growing up .... clearly it is not the same anymore
... I should have never trusted their reputation. Save yourself the time, money, and heartache and purchase your Cello from Robertson's & Sons instead!

Excellent intermediate cello

We tried all three cellos in the intermediate range under the supervision of my daughter's teacher. The Sonata was a disappointment compared to the excellent sound of its violin counterpart. The Otto Ernst Fischer had a pretty and warm sound, and was a
close contender with the John Cheng - but ultimately we chose the Cheng because the sound, equally as beautiful, rang louder and brighter than the sort of "tubby sound" of the Fischer. Aside from the sound, the Cheng is a beautiful instrument and seems to
have much better quality/workmanship than the Fischer. (there were some sloppy varnish discrepancies on both Fischers we tried, along with a strange buzzing on one of the strings of the first one) The Cheng had no issues at all - and I was surprised to see
no reviews as of yet. Great sound and an added bonus is the beautiful finish, color, and gorgeous ebony tail piece. We literally had to turn our backs to listen to the sound of both cellos so we wouldn't be partial to the appearance! Would highly recommend
this cello for an intermediate cellist moving up to a full size.

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