How to Get Your Child To Practice...Without Resorting to Violence by C. Richards

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How to Get Your Child To Practice...Without Resorting to Violence by C. Richards

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Ideas and suggestions to overcome the negative image of practicing. Ideal for frustrated parents. (67 pp, spiral)

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This book is written from experience

First, what I appreciated:
The quotes from musicians about their actual practicing experiences.
Helpful description of quality practice.
Realistic encouragement: small children will probably not spontaneously want to practice as much as they need to--leading to the title issue "how to get your child to practice...."
ideas for adding outside motivations to the mix.
While there were helpful ideas and advice, I had some criticisms:
sometimes wordy: For instance, after saying pick teacher who likes working with children and understands how to teach them, it didn't seem necessary to elaborate for three more paragraphs. I would have been happy for the key points to be condensed to a few sentences so I could go on to the next topic.
sometimes repetitious: I felt like I was reading the same sentence or the same idea in more than one place in the book
sometimes obvious: the writer is an experienced musician, teacher, parent, but many of the experiences were rather universal; at times I found myself thinking, "Doesn't everyone know this?"
dated in terms of recent motivational research: written in 1985, it reflects the common sense wisdom of the time. For a deeper, more current look at motivation, I like Daniel Pink's book, "Drive" and the chapter on praise in Bronson and Merryman's book, "Nurture Shock"
Overall, I preferred Edmund Sprunger's "Helping Parents Practice."

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