Home and Studio Instrument Hanger for Violin or Viola - Hardwood Cherry

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Home and Studio Instrument Hanger for Violin or Viola - Hardwood Cherry

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Made of Hardwood Cherry, this hanger mounts to the wall in your home or studio!

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Violin hanger

I hung it the next day. My violin and bow are now easier to grab for practice than when it was always in its case!

Nick Benavides

This violin hanger keeps you from having to take out your stuff over and over again. It also holds your bow so all you need to do is rosin it. It helped me so hopefully it will help you!!!!

A good looking and useful product

I ordered a couple of these stands recently. I have found them to be well made, with very sturdy drywall anchors.
The violin hangs from the back of the scroll, rather than from the pegs, which is a very nice feature.
Also, this hangar works well when a shoulder rest is attached to the instrument. The hanger projects far enough away from the wall that the violin will still hang straight with the shoulder rest attached So there is no need to remove my Everest shoulder rest when using the hangar. The pad of the shoulder rest just slightly touches the wall.
My only complaint is with the bow hangar. The bow hangar works fairly well if I hang the bow from the frog, instead of from the bow tip. When hanging from the bow tip, the bow may bang or rest against the violin bridge, due to the angle of the bow hangar. But when hanging the bow from the frog, it stays further away, and clears the bridge without any problem. Therefore, I'd recommend hanging the bow from the frog (which is probably better for the bow, anyway).
Also, when hanging the bow, I have the stick side of the bow towards the bridge, which helps to provide additional clearance.

Great product.

I'm a big fan of these "Swing" brand wall hangers. Not only do the wooden bases look attractive, but they are sound and sturdy.
I'm personally am a trained guitar luthier and I'm constantly concerned about my instruments environment's condition. With these wall hangers not only do you save space and not have to have cases laying all over the place, but your instruments are in the same exact environment any humidity gauge in the room would be in, giving you an accurate read on how it's doing.
As far as using these for the reason I do- keep tract of it's conditions, I recommend putting these up in a room your constantly in and that you can control. As soon as you notice a change for the worse, you can quickly address it. When the instruments put away in it's case, it could be days, weeks or even months before you have any idea.
I've been purchasing these wall hangers for my guitars for years and I just now got one for my grandfathers violin. I'm extremely pleased again with the quality, and I've got enough confidence in it to undoubtedly trust it with a violin that's been in my family for 80 some years.

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