Heritage Challenger Deluxe Violin Case
Heritage Challenger Deluxe Violin Case
Heritage Challenger Deluxe Violin Case


Heritage Challenger Deluxe Violin Case

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Don't let the low price fool you: the new, improved Challenger is worthy of the Heritage® name. Working with the makers of our venerable Heritage® Classic, we improved on the previous version in every way!

From the trim, black, nylon canvas cover to the large, sturdy handle, this case is loaded with features. Strong plywood shell has matched fittings throughout. The pinch-style latch is easy to work. Two soft straps are included so you can back-pack your new Heritage Challenger. Suspension cushioning, string tube, hygrometer and blanket complete the package. Available with red or blue solid cotton velvet interior. 4/4 Violin.

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I have owned this case for 20 years.

I received this case 20 years ago as a Christmas gift. Yes - this one. From Shar. I was 13 years old. I’ve used this case exclusively for my violin this entire time. Middle school orchestra. High school orchestra. Navigating my 20s and now 30s. It’s moved across the country multiple times. What I’m saying is - it is a workhorse. My general complaints is that it’s heavy and attracts dog hair. (Weird complaint I know, but my dog’s hair loves this case.) I honestly thought my parents spent a lot more than $100 on this case given how well it’s held up.

Philippe Simon

Heritage Challenger Deluxe Violin Case

Mara K
Great Case for the price

Perfect case for the price. Affordable and heave duty. Nice storage. It's a little large but I like that it has protection for a student. Not the most sleek case. Bought in person at Shar and they had it on stock.


I was so excited to see my violin case arrive today! It took Shar 3 days to process and get the case shipped, but when it left the warehouse, it arrived within a few days, which was great! My violin fit in the case, but it was a tight and snug fit. The case has suspension in there, so it does fit snug in the case. However, the pocket at the bottom of the case holds so much! My shoulder rest, which does not fold down, fits perfectly with room for other accessories like rosin, an extra bridge, new strings, etc. So I do love this case, it comes with a lock and key, and backpack straps which is great for me when I'm walking across campus to my violin lessons. So if you're looking for a modest violin case with nice amenities, this is your case. Not sure what I'll do about my next violin case, but for now, this one does the job, and quite well!

Heritage Violin Case

Great case so far. The material is pretty nice and everything fits really good inside. I'd give it a 4/5 so far for quality for price.

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