Helicore OCTAVE Violin String Set 4/4 Size Medium

Helicore (D'Addario)

Helicore OCTAVE Violin String Set 4/4 Size Medium

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D'Addario Octave Helicore Strings

The Helicore Octave Violin set is designed to be played one octave below traditional tuning for a new world of tonal and stylistic possibilities. It utilizes the same core technologies as the original violin set for quick bow response, comfortable playability, and clear sound.

NOTE: Please follow these guidelines for installation: Check that the grooves in your bridge and nut have room to accommodate the larger diameter of the octave strings. A too narrow groove could pinch the string and cause it to break. Excessive pressure or pinching may prevent normal movement. For best results, thoroughly apply graphite (pencil lead) to grooves before installing each string.

Instrument: Violin (Octave)
String Type: Set
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium

E String: Aluminum wound over a steel core, Removeable Ball End
A String: Silver wound over a steel core
D String: Tungsten-silver wound over a steel core
G String:
Tungsten-silver wound over a steel core

String Tonal Profile:


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Packaged Incorrectly

The pouch that was labeled as E string actually had an A, the A pouch had a D, the D pouch a G, and the G string pouch had a string of the wrong size... Maybe they mixed up a violin string set with a viola's? That still wouldn't account for the wrong sized
C string... In any case, this was a huge mistake on the supplier's part! I'm expecting my money back.

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