Günter Lobe Violin
Günter Lobe Violin
Günter Lobe Violin
Günter Lobe Violin

Günter Lobe

Günter Lobe Violin

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One of the finest contemporary makers we have encountered, Günter Lobe learned his craft in the traditional German apprenticeship system. With this firm foundation and a gifted artistic sensibility, Lobe won international awards for his making, including several medals at the "Triennale Internazionale" in Cremona. He attributes hi success to close interaction with professional musicians and a deep respect for the great old Italian masters. The meticulous workmanship and stunning tonal qualities of Lobe's instruments are to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Note: Images are typical of this model, but may vary due to being an individually crafted instrument by a master maker.

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Gunter Lobe violin

The Gunter Lobe violin is beautiful to look at. The strings that came with the violin are vision solo with gold label e. It has a one piece back. The low register of this instrument sounds exceptionally warm and broad. However, the high register isn't as clear so I took off a star.

Claudia Perez Rivas
Cello Gofriller

I am really happy with the new gofriller cello. The quality of the instrument is incredible, and all the details are taken care of perfectly. The cello has a super powerful sound, projects a lot and is super easy to play. Pianos are very delicate and also
with a lot of projection. The instrument is a really great master piece and the treat in the luthier has been nice and really comfortable. I would recommend any instumentist to visit this luthier not only because of the incredible quality of the instruments
but the great treat and attention of the costumers. Really great!

Exceptional new violin in this price range. True craftsmanship!!

I purchased the Gunter Lobe, 2019 model, after comparing it to two other new violins priced 5K-8K. This was clearly the best choice for sound projection, clear even tone, meticulous attention to detail in construction and set up, and just plain comfortable to play. This was an upgrade from my 1900 Markneukirchen which has a sweet, mellow, rich tone but lacks clarity and projection. I play first violin in a local civic symphony and started a pop string quartet that plays gigs in the local area. I also solo with my church traditional choir on a weekly basis. Iím a picky shopper so just to be sure I compared the Gunter Lobe to 3 comparably priced violins in Syracuse. Then I drove to Rochester and compared it to 15 violins $5-8K. Only one violin at Sullivanís in Rochester sounded better and was equally comfortable. A Czechoslovakian 1927 for 7K. Although completely restored, the varnish was flaking (not unusual for vintage) and it was in my opinion not nearly as beautiful as the Gunter Lobe which is stunning to look at. I already have an antique so a new violin of this caliber in my price range was exactly what I was looking for. Lastly, my luthier in Syracuse looked inside the Gunter Lobe violin and was extremely impressed at the meticulous workmanship INSIDE the violin. He said is was just as clean and finished on the inside which is rare for a violin in this price range. I believe Gunter Lobe is a true craftsman who takes pride in his work.

Thomas Kelly
Great instrument for musical expression.

The Gunter Lobe violin is phenomenal. Made in 2015.
Physical: the wood selection is first rate. The top is tight grained spruce. Back is a single piece of spectacularly flamed maple. The varnish is reddish brown and without any antiquing or shading. I tried dozens of violins and did not come across any similar to this violin's quality of wood selection and varnish. It is beautiful to look at.
Sound: Clear, crisp, articulate, responsive, great projection, balance across the registers and strings. The E string sings. The notes in the upper positions on the G are absolutely crisp. The tone of this violin gives the player the tools necessary for any musical passage.
Additionally I Visited a local music hall at a university and played a few measures of music. The violin sound filled the 500 seat hall at a forte dynamic, yet still crisp and clear at a piano dynamic in the last row. The tone is not dark or bright but I would say it is right in the middle.
This violin will allow a player to be very precise in expression and articulation. Notes effortlessly poor out of this violin.
For me this is a violin with a sound that is worth 8K. Really, that was the primary question for every violin I tried, "is this violin's tone worth ____ amount of money?"
In the search for a new violin I played dozens of violins in the 5K-8K range and this violin was far and above the competition both in terms of physical and tonal quality.
Absolutely, without any hesitation I highly recommend trying a Gunter Lobe violin.

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