Franz Hoffmann™ Amadeus Cello Outfit - 4/4 size
Franz Hoffmann™ Amadeus Cello Outfit - 4/4 size
Franz Hoffmann™ Amadeus Cello Outfit - 4/4 size

Franz Hoffmann

Franz Hoffmann™ Amadeus Cello Outfit - 4/4 size

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Franz Hoffmann Amadeus Carved Cello

Teachers will appreciate the lovely hand-feel, usually found only on expensive cellos. The bridge and soundpost are expertly fitted for optimum sound quality. Solid maple back and spruce top with ebony pegs, fingerboard and fittings. The ebony pegs turn smoothly. Responsive steel core strings work perfectly with the fine carbon-fiber tailpiece with four built-in string adjusters. Finished in a durable and attractive red-brown nitro varnish. Made in China, play-tested and adjusted in our Ann Arbor workshop. Available in 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 size.

Customer Reviews

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I Only write reviews if the experience is great or horrible. Thus far Shar music has been below Par on their word. I recently Placed an order on a Franz Hoffman Amadeus Cello Outfit on Feb 22 of 2014. I was told that they were on Back order but was assured they would be receiving 16 of these by the middle of March. I was also assured that I would receive one from that shipment being 4th on the list of back orders. After not seeing any shipping info by March 15th I called to verify they received the shipment of Cellos. I was told that they did receive the shipment but it would take time to prep them before they shipped to their customers and I should see mine ship withing a week. Well it is now March 28th no Cello I just got off the phone and was told that I have to now wait for a second shipment that they should receive by April 7th and that I was amongst 12 other people on a back order list and depending what number I am on the list I may or may not receive one from this shipment. I like most people Hate to be giving the run around or just flat out lied too. I will never recommend or buy from Shar music again. This goes for any Schools in my District as well.

A worthy cello for any student

I purchased this cello after searching for over 4 months for the right one. I found out about Shar googling for cellos and it was the greatest site I could have come across.
This cello is perfect for my needs and my teacher was extremely impressed with the quality of the instrument and the quality of sound that it produces. This has been one of the smartest purchases I have ever made. I have called Shar asking numerous questions, being that I am a first time string player. Every time I have called I have spoken with an actual string player, not a sales rep! Not only were they helpful every time, but they were patient with me and helped me with every question. One person even helped guide me through tuning my instrument! The level of dedication and service by the staff and the quality of the instrument are enough to make me a Shar customer for life. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a student cello.
Also, I was told to expect 5-10 business days for shipping when I purchased this cello. I live out of state but received my cello the very next day! Just another reason to be impressed with this awesome company and service.

Easily worth the price

Shopped a number of different cellos before buying this one. I should comment that although this is a beginners cello I am not completely naive as to what makes a decent instrument being an (amateur) violin player myself, my husband is an (amateur) violin player, and we already have one cello player in the family, so have some background on which to judge this instrument. I think the quality of this cello is incredible for the price. It looks in person better than the photos, plays as well as the eastman vc100 we also have which cost 3 times the price and the eastman is well broken in. I have also bought hoffman violins in the past and found them great intro instruments which lasted and improved and as most well-made instruments improve with time, the hoffman may in the end exceed the eastman in quality. Without doubt will get anyone playing on a decent instrument and will carry you through several years of playing before considering upgrading.

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