Fishman Piezo Ceramic Pickup for Violin and Viola


Fishman Piezo Ceramic Pickup for Violin and Viola

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Fishman Piezo Ceramic Pick-ups
These pick-ups include a mini-plug jack which mounts to the tailpiece, cello and bass pickups include a 1/4" output jack. Easy to install... no modification to the instrument. Includes 10' cable.

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Frank Padellaro
tremendous success

I've had amazing results with these pickups and own 4 of them, for use with my traveling group. I use them for performers who sit in with us, who often don't carry their pickups. The V-100 is the lesser expensive version of the pickup with the simpler zip tie mounting. The more expensive V-200 has a removable carpenter jack style mount. In contrast to the other negative review, I prefer this less expensive mount. It is small and easy to use. I simply purchased a bag of zip ties for $4.95 from my local Home Depot and had a lifetime supply for easy application on the gig.

Not worth the money

While the quality of sound is decent as the information claims, the design is poor. What they fail to tell you is that the pick up is attached to the tailpiece with a ziptie. It is possible to remove the ziptie with a lot of hassle, but after a few times of spending 30 minutes trying to remove the ziptie every time I had to use the pickup, I finally gave up and just cut the thing off. Unfortunately, I was a few days too late in exchanging the product for the Fishman pickup v200, which uses a clamp similar to that of the chinrest. If you're looking for a pickup to use more than once, look for a different pickup.

Not just for bowed insturements

I play both Violin and Mandolin, and was really happy to find a pickup that works on both instruments without the need for me to modify either of them. On the Mandolin, the pickup fits under the bridge in a space between the feet (given your bridge has that type of architecture. I was fortunate that mine did)
With some Velcro, I am able to move the pickup between instruments easily and effortlessly.
The cord of the pickup sends any movement to the device itself, so be careful when moving around so you don't make extra noises by hitting the cable inadvertently.
One note, this pickup really likes the high ranges, but its nothing a sound board with EQ or post processing can't fix.

Exceeded my expectations

I am a music education major and bought this to play in a bluegrass band and other local gigs around town. I found it difficult to play on a mic with another instrument that was amped. The balance was always off.
This is extremely easy to install but you will want to buy a velcro strip so that you may take it on and off and that you can position it where you want it. Its durable but you do have to be extremely careful when you put it on and off.
The clearity on this is amazing and I was so pleasantly surprised, especially after reading reviews stating that youd need a pick up for it. I can play double stops with ease and it does not affect my tone what so ever.
If youre debating between this one and another one that uses a bridge go for this one. you can take it on and off and it will not affect your tone.
I have no wolftones, no buzzing. It just simply sounds like my instrument is miked but with a greater quality than before.

can be used by others!

Unlike the user who said that they used the ziptie included, I used this particular pickup at church and our music director modified this with the use of a simple velcro strip that was attached so that it could be removed easily for easy storage and so that others could use this besides myself. It's a great pickup and I'm trying to get one for where I now live.

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