Dominant Pro Custom Violin Set with extra Gold Label E string Ball end

Dominant Pro (Thomastik Infeld)

Dominant Pro Custom Violin Set with extra Gold Label E string Ball end

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Introducing the Thomastik Dominant Pro Violin Strings, a new and improved version of the original classic, designed for the modern professional performer.  This set is available Exclusively at Shar with an additional E string.

Exceptionally powerful compared to classic Dominant

Good balance of brilliance & warmth

Broad range of sound colors

Warmer and broader than PIs with less tension

Supports the radiance of the instrument

Reacts immediately with a focused sound core

A sound that fills the room

Bell-like tonal character

High resistance to bow pressure

Suitable for soloists, orchestra and fiddle playing.

Very high dynamic level (can be played very quietly and very loudly)

Instrument: Violin
String Type: CUSTOM SET
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium

Custom E String: Gold Label E with Ball End

E String: Tin Wound over Steel Core, Ball End

A String: Aluminum Wound over Synthetic Core

D String: Silver Wound over Synthetic Core

G String: Silver Wound over Synthetic Core

Customer Reviews

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D Spi
D, A, & E Strings Work Great on Yamaha Silent Violin

The G string is a bit too 'warm' and lacks clarity on the YSV, but the D, A, & E feel and sound great.

Still seeking the right tone for the G string for YSV and YEV.

Barbara Malone

Had to send back thry were the wrong Dominant strings. but you kindly replaced
them with the right strings.
Thank You, Barbara Malone

Try them ... see how your violin responds.

These strings work very well on my violin. They have a very fast bow response and very clear intonation. I find that they are at least as resonant as the regular Dominant strings that I have used for years.

Dominant pro with gold label e

Wonderful strings! I've been using dominant pro strings for about a year now and these strings have become my go-to strings. Focused yet warm sound. Projects very well.

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