Dogal Capriccio Soloist Viola String Set Medium

Capriccio (Dogal)

Dogal Capriccio Soloist Viola String Set Medium

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Viola Strings at the Highest Professional Level

These top-of-the-line strings are made in Venice by Dogal's most skilled artisans. Capriccio strings employ a new concept "Synthetic Gut" nylon core (C, G, and D), offering the demanding professional violist a string which is absolutely impervious to humidity or other difficult climatic conditions. Capriccio Soloist strings enable the violist to easily attain a warm, intense and powerful sound from piano to mezzo-forte, and a soaring, brilliant sound from forte to fortissimo, with great articulation. Available in three different lengths to suit all sizes of Viola.

String length is determined by measuring the vibrating string length, the distance from the nut to the bridge:
Long: Vibrating String Length of 37.6 to 38.5 cm
Medium: Vibrating String Length 36.6 to 37.5 cm
Short: Vibrating String Length 36.5 cm or less

Instrument: Viola
String Type: Set
Size: 14 to 17 inch
Gauge: Medium

A String:
Solid chromesteel
D String: Aluminum wound over a nylon
G String: Silver wound over a nylon
C String: Silver wound over a nylon

String Tonal Profile:

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Stable but short-lasting

These strings sounded great for two weeks, but they died very quickly. After a month I had to change my strings. One of the pros - there was no break-in period and therefore they didn't need to be constantly tuned after I installed them. They were ready to go.

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