D'Addario Helicore Violin Set 1/2 Size Medium
D'Addario Helicore Violin Set 1/2 Size Medium

Helicore (D'Addario)

D'Addario Helicore Violin Set 1/2 Size Medium

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Helicore violin strings are a favorite with advancing students and professionals alike! Made from stranded steel, Helicores combine the strength and direct purity and brilliance of steel with the soft feel and warmer tone of a rope core. Very durable and long lasting, and totally dependable for the most demanding conditions. Winding materials in aluminum (A), titanium (D) and silver (G). Solid E string with removable ball. Manufactured in a medium gauge for all styles of playing.

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trumpet player in the steep curve of learning violin

"I am a beginner/intermediate violin player (~2 years; starting Suzuki 5) but am a music teacher. The trumpet is my first instrument. I'm playing on a Carlo Lamberti Master Series Guarneri (Shar) and Seifert bow (Shar). Both are intermediate equipment, but I like them very much.
I played on Thomastik Dominants for about a year, but the 'A' string usually unraveled after about 2-3 months. Too much pressure? Sweat chemicals?
A local luthier recommended Tonica strings. I tried them for about 3 weeks, but I found it difficult to get the fundamental of each string to sound. They were not as 'meaty' as the Dominants.
Put the Helicore on September 25th, so after three weeks of playing, here's what I found. They are steel core so they're harder to tune; small peg changes=big pitch changes. On the other hand, they broke in much more quickly than the Tonics and they hold their pitch better.
The tone is warmer, more pleasant, and more even between strings than both the Dominants and the Tonics, even though the Shar chart and reviewers predict them to be bright. I still get a scratchy sound on the 'G' string, but I suspect that is my fault. My violin teacher, from the local orchestra, tried them on his vintage instrument about a year ago. I believe he didn't like the tone, difficult tuning, and thought they felt "squishy". I think he's back on Thomastik Dominants.
These D'Addario Helicore strings are inexpensive. If these strings don't break or unravel within 3 months, they will become my string of choice for a while."

Workin' Man Strings

Been using Helicore strings for several years. They sound good, stay in tune, because of steel core, unlike Dominants which require frequent tightening as their synthetic core stretches. I keep records of my strings, I play 130 public gigs/year. Broke 15 Helicore strings past 3 years. The average life of string is 8 months. (Range 2-17 months). Past 30 strings I broke: G=4, D=12. A=8, E=6 ). Reliable strings for my musical tool. I keep 3 sets on hand.

Great strings

I have been using these strings for years. They are reliable, produce a good sound, and last 6-12 months of moderate playing.

D string broke after 2 weeks

Bought this set to give it a try after more than 10 years of not using Helicore strings. They sounded great. Full sound, responsive, very nice overall. The D string broke after two weeks of playing, for no reasonable reason. Wasn't playing with intensity,
wasn't too hot or cold, there's no sharp edges in my violin. I was expecting the A string to go first like when I used to play helicores years ago, not the D. Now I have to change the whole set because it feels awkward to play with a regular width D string
and the super thin Helicores.

great sound and durable

I played with a group at church recently...and the sound was well received. These strings were recommended years ago by my instructor and I have replaced the strings every 8-10 months.

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