Comford Violin Shoulder Cradle Plastic Tall
Comford Violin Shoulder Cradle Plastic Tall
Comford Violin Shoulder Cradle Plastic Tall
Comford Violin Shoulder Cradle Plastic Tall
Comford Violin Shoulder Cradle Plastic Tall
Comford Violin Shoulder Cradle Plastic Tall


Comford Violin Shoulder Cradle Plastic Tall

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Uncompromised Comfort

Based on the human shoulder structure and theories of biomechanics, this innovative shoulder rest is ergonomically designed for both comfort and stability. It features an extremely comfortable foam pad and four rubber coated feet which securely fasten the rest to the body of your instrument. Players don't have to worry about this rest falling off during performances, lessons, or rehearsals! Since the feet are well protected with a thick rubber coating, players won't have to worry about varnish damage either.

The gold version uses a metal chassis and is a little heavier than the plastic version. The plastic models may be either gold-colored or silver-colored depending on availability from the manufacturer.


Customer Reviews

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Eric Gilmore

I ordered for my daughter. Had a really good experience the whole way through. Quick shipping product was in a nice package and daughter was extremely happy. Got a thank you from seller and was impressed through the whole process. Thank you

Comford tall

This is a very sturdy shoulder rest that is not going to come off your fiddle. The foam can be replaced with neoprene scraps from thick winter wet suits. Caveat is that it will not fit into most fitted cases, so you must LOVE it to want to use it, or get a bulkier heavier case.

Jenny Iorga
It's my third one and I love it!

I've used the Comfort shoulder rest for about 15 years. I was hesitant to buy this one from Shar because it says plastic and I'm used to a metal one but I have not found any options out there and my metal one is loosing its padding on the edges. The short story is this plastic one is so much lighter and I really like that. I haven't noticed and resonance issues with plastic so, I'm happy.

Alisha B
Comford violin shoulder cradle tall

This rest has been a game changer for me since I found it in 2007. I have it for my violin and viola and I bought this as a backup. It has good height for my long neck, never has squeaky feet or components that fall off, and the most glorious thing for me is that it is reliable and never falls off. No more fidgeting or readjusting. Just security knowing I can play and I am set. It has 2 install positions to help find your fit. It takes a little getting used to the weight and is awkward for a case but I carry a big music bag anyways so doesn't matter. This has changed my stress level and playing immensely. The photo is my preferred install position

betsy b
Best shoulder rest

I’m so glad they are manufacturing these again. Really comfortable and great no-slip design. Do wish the price wasn’t so high though. I paid well over $100.

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