CodaBow Diamond NX Violin Bow 4/4 Size
CodaBow Diamond NX Violin Bow 4/4 Size


CodaBow Diamond NX Violin Bow 4/4 Size

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CodaBow The Diamond Collection: DIAMOND NX (Nickel Level)
The Shared Vision of Master Bow Makers & Professional Teachers.

Inheriting the same traditional design as the professional models of the Diamond Collection, the CodaBow DIAMOND NX delivers an uncomplicated, sweet tone emphasizing the fundamental of the pitch. The stronger, firmer stick and increased weight allows advancing students more stability and accommodation while developing their technique. Though less nuanced in sound and feel, it offers consistency and control across a wide platform of technique. With a clear tone and supportive design, the CodaBow DIAMOND NX is ideal for pre-professionals, amateurs, and students.

•10-Year WARRANTY • Tone Color: Clear, Sustained • Touch: Strong, Firm

• Dynamic Balance: Center-Tip • Weight: Medium • Action: Moderate-Firm • Stiffness: Medium-Stiff

Customer Reviews

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Codabow NX

Great bow for the price. Produces a really smooth tone. I'm very pleased with it. Worth the money.

Excellent value

"As of the writing of this review, I have not personally played with the CodaBow Diamond NX Violin Bow, but I have heard it, and my 9th-grade student liked it. I chose this as part of a set of 4 bows for an in-home trial, and it stood out. On his instrument,
the improvement in sound volume, projection, and maturity was immediately noticeable to the listener. The student commented on how he felt he got more sound out the instrument with the NX with limited to no effort (a significant attribute of any bow/instrument
combination). We ran it through the paces (scales, fast and slow passages, staccato, spiccato, etc.) and it was easily a top two performer in each category. The H.R. Wilhelm Premier Nickel Mounted Violin Bow we tried was also a great option and the closest
in comparison to the NX. The NX currently comes in at $92 less (pre-tax) than the Wilhelm Premier and is a value I believe is worth every student's consideration."

Ronald Vanduzer
Wonderful Value!

This bow is making a big difference in my sound and ease of playing. Thanks to the Shar community for taking the time to write thorough reviews, which prompted me to purchase and enjoy this bow. Again, a terrific value and great feel.

Great Bows for the Money

I had a Coda Bow for many years, a model no longer made. Still I will put a review in for my 50 years of violin playing. If you are looking for a responsive bow, and have put most of your money into the instrument, you will not go wrong. Coda bows play line pernambuco at 4 times the price. You would never regret purchasing one. My remarks would apply to a Coda Bow costing $300 plus.

Best bow for this price point.

I bought this bow in February of this year after a home trial with the Presto Ovation, this bow, and the Guy Laurent workshop bow. While they were all good bows for the price, this bow felt most balanced in my hand, it held up well on everything I played
without being too soft or too strong and most importantly to my teacher: it made the smoothest bow strokes on sustained notes with varying pressures being applied. For the money you canít go wrong with this bow. As a side note, I have a right thumb that has
limited mobility due to a surgery quite a few years ago. This bow has a soft area at the frog for my thumb to rest on and this makes it much more comfortable for me to play for long periods of time.

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