Case Sling Adjustable Padded Neoprene Case Strap

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Case Sling Adjustable Padded Neoprene Case Strap

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Patented Shock-Absorbing stretch system made of soft neoprene actually makes your load feel 50% lighter! Our staff tested these straps and preferred them over any strap we have found. Adjusts to carry your case either horizontal to the ground or vertical. Highest quality metal hardware with swivel clip.

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Fantastic strap!

I had an old strap on my violin case, but the clips kept coming undone, causing my case to fall to the ground )this has broken a string more than once!(. With my senior recital coming up, I decided to splurge and get this strap. I was hesitant at first because of the price, and because the description didnt specify whether the clips were metal, but Im definitely glad I went for it!
The clips are indeed a nice black metal, and I dont know whether its 50 or not, but the strap definitely makes the whole load feel lighter, and doesnt slip off your shoulder. I keep lots of music and books in the pocket of my case, so it was too heavy to lug around, but now I can carry my violin and music all across campus without struggling or hurting my shoulder. Aside from the padding )which helps to distribute the weight around(, the neoprene material stretches ever so slightly as you walk, acting like shock absorbers. I think this makes for a comfier ride for both me and my instrument :(

Doesn't last forever, but works well..

I am on my second one of these. The first one had deteriorated after several years' use, and slowly lost its efficacy over time. Just received my new one, and what a difference. I'm guessing these need to be replaced every 5 years or so. I honestly don't remember when I bought the other one, but I know it's been at least 5 years if not much longer. But it does make the case feel much lighter!

Therese Vogel
Neoprene Case Strap

This strap is very comfortable, & makes carrying my violin case very enjoyable. My only complaint is that it's a bit heavy- adds a bit of weight to my lightweight case

Wow! Best strap ever

I bought one to try it out and was blown away by how comfortable this strap is. I carry my case vertically and this strap reduces the bouncing, doesn't slip off my shoulder and the feeling of weight reduction is impressive. I love that the clips are metal.
I was replacing a strap because the old plastic clip broke. After trying this new strap for a week, I ordered a second one for backpack style carrying. Absolutely worth it!

Dwight Brown

This strap is wonderful! I bought one because the strap I had for my case would not stay on my shoulder and it was very uncomfortable. This strap is such an improvement over anything I have used, certainly worth the money. I may need to buy a few more for other cases.

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