Bow Hold Buddies Bright Blue

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Bow Hold Buddies Bright Blue

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The fastest, gentlest way to develop effective bow hold

The bow has often been called "the violinist's breath." While violin bow technique varies a bit among fine players, all agree the primary goals of the violin bow hold are balance, control, and lack of tension. The BOW HOLD BUDDIES bow accessory instantly positions and supports all the fingers of the bow hold! The hood of the set's "Frog Frog" directs the inside corner of thumb tip to the intersection of the frog and stick. The rim of the hood encourages the thumb to remain bent and flexible. The middle finger is directed to oppose the thumb. The HOLD FISH pinky support, included in the 2-piece BOW HOLD BUDDIES set (and also available separately) directs the tip of the pinky slightly to the rear of the top of the stick. The sloped walls of the pinky-tip opening allow for finger flexibility. The accessory securely slides along the stick, to rest next to ring finger, allowing for a custom fit for all hand sizes, age 3 thru adult. This placement allows for the points of contact of the index and pinky fingers to be equidistant to that of the thumb. The accessory does not preclude the normal points of contact with the stick; it simply prevents the thumb, index and pinky fingers from wandering out of position. With these three fingers in place and in control of the stick, the middle two fingers, hand and bow arm are more relaxed and ready to learn those beginning bow strokes. Fits all size violin and viola bows. Available in Concert Black, Bright Blue and Sparkly Pink.

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Love my bow hold buddies for establishing once and for all my bow hold. Like training wheels once that hold becomes second nature, they will have served me well.

love the bow buddie

"first time using a bow buddie with a 6 year old student. up til now she did not like to use the bow and we've been studying pizz, she couldn't seem to hold, until i put the bow buddie on and she loved the pink color and it gave her an instant proper hold.
so this is a great teaching tool, it's comfortable. only down side is you have to unscrew nut to get it on and off, and it doesnt fit into 1/4 size violin case attached to bow very well. i dont know if mom will screw on and off for her at home."

Excellent teaching tool

Highly recommend for all beginners. These can also be transferred to a pencil for practicing the bow hold before students start playing with the bow.

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