Thomastik Infeld Blue Violin G String - Medium Gauge
Thomastik Infeld Blue Violin G String - Medium Gauge
Thomastik Infeld Blue Violin G String - Medium Gauge

Blue Infeld (Thomastik Infeld)

Thomastik Infeld Blue Violin G String - Medium Gauge

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Infeld Blue Violin Strings

Infeld Blue strings radiate strong power and brilliance. Mix and match within the Infeld Red and Blue string system to realize your sound ideas! The perfectly attuned strings with identical tension enable you to modify your tone and assemble your sound to your individual liking, personal needs and unique style!

Instrument: Violin
String Type: G
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium

G String:
Silver wound over a composite core

String Tonal Profile:

Customer Reviews

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Katherine B
Interesting sound

In the past I have moved to all Infeld red violin strings, but felt limited in my sound and was unhappy with all the e strings I had tried in the past. So when I needed new strings, I discovered the intentional use of combining the infeld red and blue strings to achieve a more complex sound/feel. I have continued with the a and d string being reds, but decided to try my g in an infled blue, as a brighter g string. It has made a HUGE difference! I am still trying out the sound combination, but it is growing on me. The resonance and tone of my other strings has changed as well with the brighter g string only. I am trying out a new e string as well(Evah Pirazzi platinum), and it has been good so far. Ultimately, I would recommend playing around with red and blue infeld strings, if those are your brand, it has opened up a ton of tonal possibilities I hadn’t explored before.

Great string!

I have been using the Infeld blue strings for a couple years. They have great tone and feel nice under the fingers. And for me they last longer than dominant strings.

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