Givens, Shirley - Adventures in Violinland, Book 1A: "The Beginning" - Arioso Press Publication
Givens, Shirley - Adventures in Violinland, Book 1A: "The Beginning" - Arioso Press Publication
Givens, Shirley - Adventures in Violinland, Book 1A: "The Beginning" - Arioso Press Publication

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Givens, Shirley - Adventures in Violinland, Book 1A: "The Beginning" - Arioso Press Publication

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Renowned pedagogue Shirley Givens' series for beginning violinists is widely respected for its clear, child-friendly format, and its sensible progression through techniques. There are lots of pictures, fun and familiar songs, and even pages for coloring! Ms.Givens uses a "Movable Do" system to teach pitch relationships and good intonation. Recommended for very young children.

Book 1A, The Beginning, addresses posture, violin position, basic rhythms,and open string pizzicato songs.

"Young children love the violin! It is small and huggable – and it makes sounds! How to nurture this initial enthusiasm for the instrument and to transform it into a deeper love of music is the object of my books."

"Don't be misled by the seeming simplicity of the material! The books are written from a child's point of view while incorporating the most exacting standards of modern violin technique. But there are other important features of the books that contribute to their uniqueness:

*The young student is encouraged to participate actively in his own learning by developing his own imagination.
*There is discovery and improvisation. No imitation or copying from CDs.
*Training the child's own pitch awareness from the start assures early in-tune playing.
*Note reading and harmonic awareness from the beginning cultivate musical literacy for a lifetime.
*A wonderful rhythmic foundation is established through body movement"

- Shirley Givens

Customer Reviews

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Very appropriate for young children

Finally found a book that works for age 4-6 year old kids, a big relief!

Rima Kane
So thankful for this book

Practice with my 5 year old went from from stressful to delightful with this curriculum!

Don't walk, but RUN to this method!

I initially balked at the price, but I'm telling you, nothing else compares. If you want to teach and teach well, this is the route to take. Violinland appeals to a variety of ages, not just young children. As an additional bonus, solfege is taught, which really helps the students stay on pitch. Throughout the series, a variety of simple duets (with violin teacher parts and simple piano accompaniments) are written in. Additionally, you need no other books besides this method--no scale books, no drill books, no theory books, no supplementary books. It's al here, teachers. Do not reinvent the wheel. Go HERE!

violinist and teacher, Juilliard alum
A major contribution to violin teaching. SO wonder

My young students LOVE these books, and so do I! There is nothing else like them out there. They are so well thought out. I've used them quite successfully with kids as young as 4 and they not only love them but are able to use them and play from them without needing to be able to read. There are picture symbols and clues for them to follow. Parents also love them because they are able to see easily what's supposed to be happening and help their child with it.
This first book develops rhythm skills through singing/saying and clapping. Students learn to become comfortable holding their violin with good posture and learn the sound and place of each string. They are encouraged to be creative and artistic by thinking about how various noises and voices sound to them and to play them, and are asked to think about what color they would pick that, to them, matches the sound of each string. There are even a few duets!
This book is most suitable for students ages 4-7, in my opinion.
Most students get through this book in 4-8 weeks, but it's still well worth it to buy the book. Actually, they love being able to finish this book relatively quickly and get a great sense of accomplishment and confidence from doing so. It's such a wonderful first book!

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