Alpine Professional Shield Violin Viola Mute
Alpine Professional Shield Violin Viola Mute

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Alpine Professional Shield Violin Viola Mute

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The Alpine Professional Shield Mute is made from a naturally slick material that allows for easy and silent application and removal from the bridge. It is also praised for being silent while in the senza position, where some mutes might rattle or buzz. The brass insert soaks up additional sound, and makes the mute versatile as an orchestra or performance mute. Comes with a small box to keep it clean and safe from being lost when it is not in use.

Customer Reviews

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Carlos Jaquez
Finesse with elegance and beauty

I love this mute..!!!! SO elegant and produce a refined and full mute sound. In beginning will be a little stock to move to the bridge but that's ok as will prevent it to rattle when not in use at the bridge. Thanks for bringing this amazing mute back. Please I'm waiting for the white one. Fully recommends this mute.

Almost perfect

I recently bought this mute for orchestral use because the previous mutes I used were either difficult to slide on or rattles while I was playing. In my opinion, this is a winner. It doesn't rattle while it's resting on the strings, I can slide the mute
on and off with ease. The sound is warm and velvety that easily blends with the other violins, but doesn't cover up the sound as if someone is talking with their hand over their mouth. However, I won't strongly advise using this mute for solo use. For my violin,
it raises the overall tuning a hair sharper when muted. other than the minor (or major for people with perfect pitch) setback, It is a excellent mute.

Alpine mute

This mute produces a very complex, nuanced tone. The only caveat is that it is slightly more difficult to slide onto the bridge than Spector or Serenissima mutes.

A really good mute only if there was a model for viola of 17"+

Violin/Viola accessories are almost always a hit/miss (mostly a miss) when it comes to viola players with 17" and larger violas. I needed a mute that would not rattle while resting on the strings when not in use. I bought the Alpine was impressed by its design and simplicity. The problem became readily apparent when trying to place the mute on the bridge of my 17.25" viola - it pops off. The arch of the bridge is much greater than the mute 'lip' retainer can keep a secure grip on the top of the bridge. Perfect on a violin, where the arch is far less pronounced. One shouldn't have to modify a bridge to make the mute work so I guess I'll have to look elsewhere.

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