Our 2023 Shar Music Summer Practice Challenge has officially concluded! Thank you so much for joining us, and we hope to see you for our next practice challenge. If you entered your log and bingo sheet, you will be receiving an email with more details about your prize. Keep up the good work, and happy practicing!

This summer, join us for the first ever Shar Music® Summer Practice Challenge! There will be prizes for participating with the chance to win big as the summer progresses! Our two part challenge features a bingo sheet with fun ways to stay engaged with your string instrument and a practice log to keep track of your hard work.

To begin, simply download and/or print (full color here and inksaver here out the bingo sheet and practice log that correlates with your level. Throughout the next two months (starting July 1st), tag Shar Music on all social media with the hashtag #summerpracticechallenge to be entered for free give)aways! At the end of at least six weeks (this gives you some wiggle room for vacations and the start of school) of summer practice, take a picture of your bingo sheet and practice log and submit to the link here. This guarantees that you will receive your participation prize and enters you for the grand prize! Submissions are due by September 1st. 

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