Join Pokko on his Musical Journey

Meet Pokko!

Shar Music® is proud to introduce Pokko, our helpful furry friend who is learning to play the violin, just like you, your child or student!

Pokko is just starting out on his violin adventures, and while he enjoys it, he still needs to learn some of the basics. Together, we’ll journey with Pokko and his friends through all the trials and tribulations of becoming a violinist. 

Pick a lesson to get started

How to Store your Bow

In this first lesson, Pokko learns the best way to store his violin bow.

How to Fasten your Case

Pokko has some trouble with his case and learns how to keep his violin safe.

Case Dos and Don'ts

Pokko learns how not to treat his case or his violin - the hard way.

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What lessons would you like to see Pokko learn on his musical journey?

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