Getting Started with your Franz Hoffmann Violin or Viola Outfit

Franz Hoffmann™ Instrument

As you’ll soon learn, playing violin and viola involves a lot of little tools and accessories, but it all starts here. Learn why Franz Hoffmann™ instruments are such a great choice for the beginning of your explorations into music.

Schmidt Workshop™ Bow

This high-quality Brazilwood violin or viola bow is ideal for beginning and intermediate players, a perfect tool for learning how to pull a sound from your instrument. Watch this video to figure out how to get started using it!

Toshira™ Instrument Case

A durable foam-shell violin or viola case engineered to protect your instrument from impacts and fast changes in temperature. They even come with two backpack-style shoulder straps for easy transport to classes, practice, and wherever else your musical journey takes you.

Shar Music® Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Keeping your violin or viola clean isn’t just a point of pride; it’s essential to keep your instrument playing at peak performance! Using the soft microfiber cleaning cloth included with every Franz Hoffmann™ outfit will soon prove to be an everyday part of your practice regimen.

Shar Music® 3-in-1 Metro-Tuner

A good electronic tuner and metronome is an invaluable tool for beginning violinists and violists. We’ve included a handy device that combines both, to help you stay in tune and in time.

Practice Mute

You can’t play a violin or viola that’s been smashed to bits by an angry neighbor! That’s why we included a practice mute, an essential for practicing at home without driving neighbors, parents, and pets out of their minds.

Empire™ Shoulder Rest or Xeros™ Shoulder Cushion

The Empire shoulder rest is a traditional clamp-style violin/viola rest. It is sturdy and easy to use, providing extra comfort and stability. Fractional sizes come with a Xeros shoulder cushion, the ideal option for beginning violinists and violists whose bodies are still growing.

Humidi Guard™

Violins and violas are very sensitive to dramatic changes in humidity. The Humidi Guard™ humidification system is a simple tool to keep your instrument more stable and in better condition while packed in your case.


The PinkyHold™ is a helpful practice aid that guides a new violinist or violist’s hand placement on the end of the bow, helping to develop good technique and stability.

Fingerboard Tapes

These fingerboard tapes are a handy, teacher-approved tool to help students learn finger and thumb positioning.

Shar Music® Rosin

New players quickly learn the importance of always having a good cake of rosin on hand. This starter rosin will help you pull the cleanest sound your instrument has to offer.


Never underestimate the value of a good, old-fashioned pencil! The secret weapon of every violinist or violist’s toolkit, having a pencil on hand is necessary for making notes in your music, correcting mistakes as you go, and (pro tip!) using as a “dry lubricant” when changing strings.

Packing Up Your Instrument

A quick rundown on getting everything back in your case when you're done with practice.
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