Getting Started with your Cello or Bass Outfit

Franz Hoffmann™ Instrument

Playing cello and bass involves a lot of little tools and accessories, but it all starts with the instrument itself. Learn why Franz Hoffmann™ instruments are such a great choice for the beginning of your explorations into music.

Schmidt Workshop™ Bow

These high-quality Brazilwood cello and bass bows are ideal for beginning and intermediate players, a perfect tool for learning how to pull a sound from your instrument. Watch this video to figure out how to get started using it!

Heritage™ Instrument Bag

A durable, protective cello or bass bag engineered to protect your instrument from impacts and fast changes in temperature. This is essential for easy transport to classes, practice, and wherever else your musical journey may take you.

Shar Music® Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Keeping your cello or bass clean isn’t just a point of pride; it’s essential to keep your instrument playing at peak performance! Using the soft microfiber cleaning cloth included with every Franz Hoffmann™ outfit will soon prove to be an everyday part of your practice regimen.

Shar Music® 3-in-1 Chromatic Metro-Tuner

A good electronic tuner and metronome is an invaluable tool for beginning cellists and bassists. We’ve included a handy device that combines both, to help you stay in tune and in time.

Tourte Mute

You can’t play a cello or bass that’s been smashed to bits by an angry neighbor! That’s why we included a Tourte practice mute, an essential for practicing at home without driving neighbors, parents, and pets out of their minds.

Xeros™ Cello Endpin Anchor or Sure Stop™ Bass Endpin Stop

These are designed to keep your cello or bass from slipping away from you, preventing playing mistakes and other embarrassing mishaps.

Humidi Guard™

Cellos and basses are very sensitive to dramatic changes in humidity. The Humidi Guard™ humidification system is a simple tool to keep your instrument more stable and in better condition while packed away.

Shar Music® Cello Rosin or Carlsson® Swedish Bass Rosin

New players quickly learn the importance of always having a good cake of rosin on hand. This starter rosin will help you pull the cleanest sound your instrument has to offer.


Never underestimate the value of a good, old-fashioned pencil! The secret weapon of every cellist or bassist’s toolkit, having a pencil on hand is necessary for making notes in your music, correcting mistakes as you go, and (pro tip!) using as a “dry lubricant” when changing strings.

Packing Up Your Instrument

A quick rundown on getting everything back in the bag when you're done with practice.

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