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in the USA


The violin must be professionally set up by a trained luthier (string instrument maker/repairer).


The pegs are made from ebony and are also fitted and shaped individually to fit the pegbox.


The fingerboard of a good quality instrument should be made from ebony, the hardest wood.

All Solid Wood Construction

For centuries, violin makers have been constructing their instruments out of maple and spruce, as they have been proven to be excellent tone woods.

Hand Carved Bridge

Hand-carved bridges combine exquisite craftsmanship with superior sound quality. Each unique piece enhances tone and elevates your playing experience. And distinctive charm to your instrument and enjoy the pure beauty of every note.

Quality Strings

Good strings will help you produce a warm sound that will encourage the player to keep practicing.


The right size

Playing on the correct size violin is crucial to a player's development and directly affects their ability to learn and have fun playing the violin.We have the most accurate violin size chart, which you can find here to get the size you need

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I was really concerned about buying online from anyone but Amazon. Music instruments are expensive and I was concerned about being a sucker and getting taken. But they did me and my son right!He loves it. The instructor said it is a good quality violin. Thanks for helping make my son a great product!

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