Welcoming Our Poetjounalist-in-Residence: Aaron Dworkin

Welcoming Our Poetjounalist-in-Residence: Aaron Dworkin

Aaron Dworkin is Shar Music's poetjournalist-in-residence. Aaron Dworkin joins us and reads from his first poem, "String Theory".
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Shar Music® is honored to welcome Aaron Dworkin, our official Poetjournalist-in-Residence. We'll be regularly featuring his work, both on this blog, as well as on the Shar Music YouTube channel and our other social media accounts.


Working in tandem with Shar Music, Aaron has created a group of poems that relate to classical music, his own life and experience, and the universal process of making art.


Aaron was kind enough to come to Shar Music and be recorded in what we call “the Vault" – our recording studio, a concrete fortress of a room that was once used for testing lasers (this is true, our headquarters in Ann Arbor is a former laser-testing laboratory). Here is his first poem for Shar Music, entitled “String Theory”—



We spoke with Aaron about his writing process, and will be running our full interview with him later this month. This is what Aaron had to say about the composition of “String Theory,” followed by the text of the poem itself—




Shar Music: Hi there, A.D. Thanks for talking with us. So I’m just interested, looking at this first poem, on what gets you started in writing a piece. Is it a phrase. An image?


Aaron Dworkin: For this work, I started with the memory of myself, at five years old, just starting to play the violin and thinking about how to convey the magic that you feel inside when you create a beautiful sound and see others respond. From there, I began to go on a journey through all of the Shar merchandise that has impacted me as a musician through various phases in my life…




String Theory


A cherished moment

Inside a child’s eyes

The confidence invoked

Constructing that first sound

Articulating their soul

Through a string instrument.


An occasion originating a duty

Driving devoted partners

Spirited at Shar in customary ways

Enabling the setting to make achievable

Dreams otherwise improbable

For the eager player

In you and me.


Bows unleashing the potential of personality

Violins singing the harmonies of futures

Bathed in distinction

Violas empowering the sensibility

To connect with one another

Cellos comforting us

With stirring sonority.


Sheet music serving

As the bedrock upon which

Strings are the catalyst

Bringing contents together

Releasing to an audience of one or many

We are more than accessories

To the quality that emanates

From our constituency.


Whether a novice

Stretching horsehair across woven steel

For the initial time

Or subtlety of a seasoned pro

Playing seasons for those

Who feel Spring in Winter

Through the purpose

And passion of our team


Inspiring joy through string music

Dedicated we stand at the forefront

Advocates in an industry committed

To make the lives we lead

A little better through the artistry

Of our humanity.


And here’s a teaser link: Aaron Dworkin’s next poem – which we will discuss with him on this blog – will be “rePLAY.”



Aaron Dworkin is a MacArthur “Genius” Fellow and was President Obama’s first appointment to the National Council on the Arts; he is a current Professor of Arts Leadership and Fellowship at the University of Michigan’s School of Music, Theatre & Dance, as well as the founder of the Sphinx Organization, a non-profit dedicated to the development of young Black and Latino classical musicians.


He has recorded and collaborated with a diverse range of artists, including Yo-Yo Ma, Damien Sneed, Anna Deveare Smith, Damian Woetzel, Lil Buck, and others. He is a best-selling author and the writer of the poetry collection They Said I Wasn’t Really Black.

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