Erin Zindle and The Ragbirds: A Global Groove with a Local Heart

Erin Zindle and The Ragbirds: A Global Groove with a Local Heart

In this interview we discuss the challenges and triumphs some may face in their musical journey and infectious songs that redefine genres.
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Erin Zindle leads the folk-rock band Erin Zindle & The Ragbirds, touring nationally as a songwriter, fiddler, and frontwoman. Their music defies definition, blending indie-pop melodies, rock guitar riffs, global-infused beats, conscious lyrics, and virtuosic fiddling into an irresistible sound that is both danceable and emotionally resonant. 

Avoiding the traps set by the marketing-driven music industry, Erin Zindle & The Ragbirds remain true to their unique style, with a reputation as one of the most dynamic and hard-working live bands in roots music. For almost fifteen years, they have toured from their base in Ann Arbor, MI, garnering a loyal following and critical acclaim. 

Shar Music® was lucky enough to welcome Erin to our showroom for an interview where we discussed life on the road, sustaining motivation, The Ragbird’s latest single New Story, and more… 


Erin Zindle and the Ragbirds have performed everywhere around the world! Where are some of your favorite places you’ve performed? 

We’ve toured for over fifteen years and have been to States and have even been to Japan! There’s a lot of favorite places I could name. Even among all that travel, one of my favorite places to play is at The Ark here in Ann Arbor. It’s just a wonderful room in my hometown and there is always such a good vibe and I feel so welcome there.  


Erin Zindle and The Ragbirds performing Lemon Grove live at The Ark.

What keeps you motivated to keep writing music and performing? 

Every time I think about quitting a song shows up and I feel the compulsion to share it with the world! When I get discouraged, I think of the people in my life who are so super talented and incredible. …I then think “I have these people in my corner that want to perform with me and help me make my music in some way.” 


You mentioned that you teach! At Shar Music we work with a lot of teachers, schools, and private studios. Is there anything unique you provide as an educator? 

I’m a very empathic person who tries to recognize each of my student’s needs. I tend to look at all the possible methods to find each student’s unique path. I have a very flexible approach. 


With New Story, what is the message behind it that you would like to tell the world? 

To write a new story, we must remove the layers we build on us. I take off these layers to where I’m just me. I’m at a blank slate, ready to begin a new story. 

Erin Zindle and The Ragbirds performing New Story live at The Ark.

What advice would you give an artist to keep going? 

The only way to really be a great musician is to have that “delusional self-confidence”. If your head is full of self-doubt, we will hear that in your performance. You must find a way to love yourself and take care of yourself. Musicians can sometime be self-abusive in the aim of getting better at their craft, but that is not the way to get there. 

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