Joy Black – Classical Musician, Hip-Hop Artist, and Electric Violinist (and More)

Joy Black – Classical Musician, Hip-Hop Artist, and Electric Violinist (and More)

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Joy Black is only twenty-six years old, but already this multi-talented phenom has performed in the Super Bowl, as well as for CBS, National Public Radio, TEDx Talks, and more. Switching fluently between traditional and electric violin, Joy is an unconventional, edgy stylist. She moves fluidly through the genres of hip-hop, pop, and R&B – and she's equally at ease when playing a traditional Bach sonata.


Recently, Joy collaborated with multi-platinum producer BricksDaMane (who himself has worked with such luminaries as Drake, Lil Baby, and Nipsey Hussle); Joy also teamed up with rap artist Latto for the song “Youngest and Richest.” Taking time out of her busy schedule, Joy sat down with our own Tony Curtis to discuss all matters musical. Joy has a lot going on these days – when we asked Ms. Black about her future projects, Joy played it coy, saying only, “Think of what you’ve seen so far, but bigger.”


Here's our own TLC – Tony L. Curtis – speaking one-on-one with Joy Black:



We were delighted to get a chance to speak with Joy during Black History Month. In her talks with us, Joy touched on the idea of transcending barriers. She sees her own art as a uniting force that can bring people together – she calls herself simply an artist.  ...Plus, we chatted about her favorite conspiracy theory (“Aliens exist!”), how she wants to smell like a peach-scented candle, covering “The Thong Song,” the bridge between classical music and hip-hop, and more.


For a sample of Joy's bold and inventive playing style, here she is playing hip-hop violin in her song “Champions Rising,” produced by Jack Spade:



It was awesome to speak with Joy, to hear her music, and to express our mutual love for peach-scented things – and we wish her all the best. Keep checking the blog: we'll have more interviews with other young artists coming up soon!

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