Finding Your Voice: 5 Things to Know About the Franz Hoffmann Koe Violin

Finding Your Voice: 5 Things to Know About the Franz Hoffmann Koe Violin

Learn more about the latest addition to our Franz Hoffmann Beginner Violins: the Koe. Designed to help new players produce a bigger, more confident sound and amply their musical voice.

Since Shinichi Suzuki first theorized that children could learn music the same way they learn their native language—from day one—Shar Music® has researched how to capture that same feeling in an instrument for children who are curious about playing the violin. Our Franz Hoffmann series of beginner violins offers a great solution by way of fractional instruments that also come in a starter kit or outfit that pairs the instrument with a case and all of the necessary accessories to get started. Recently, we’ve re-introduced the Franz Hoffmann Koe, a violin outfit meant to give young players more confidence as a beginner. Here are five things you should know about it!

Why the name 'Koe?' What does it mean?

Within the Franz Hoffmann series, we wanted a name that would capture the feeling of first learning to play and the excitement a student feels when they realize they’ve developed skills after all that practicing. Koe (pronounced koh-ehh) literally means voice in Japanese, and perfectly captures the central question we had while developing this instrument: what does it mean to have a voice in music? The name also points to Suzuki as our initial inspiration.

What do you mean by ‘voice’?

Simply put, children sometimes have trouble expressing themselves. This is why parents feel it is importance to introduce them to a hobby like playing an instrument. Koe violins were developed with this concept in mind: how can true beginners feel undaunted by the process of mastering a new instrument? Shar Music® is a leader in providing fractional sized instruments for the beginning student, and the Koe is a well-rounded addition to our Franz Hoffmann line. It was designed with small learners in mind who need to not only feel the impact of their practice but hear it as well.

What sets the Koe apart from the other Franz Hoffmann violins?

While the Koe is available in all sizes, its fractional sizes are of particular interest. The 1/16, 1/10, and 1/8 are especially resonant and audible. Small violins (especially those smaller than a 1/2 size) often can’t produce enough volume, so the Koe was designed to have 15% more internal volume. This helps kids produce a robust sound more easily, thus amplifying their musical voice.

Additionally, the neck and fingerboard were designed more narrow to allow children with small hands an easier time holding the violin and handling the instrument. Little considerations like these can make learning to play violin just a bit easier for your child and encourage more practice—and more smiles.

What is included in a Koe Outfit?

The Koe Outfit contains the following:

  • the instrument
  • a Toshira™ Deluxe TC100 Violin Case
  • A Schmidt™ Brazilwood Violin Bow
  • A cake of Magic Rosin® personalized with the Japanese kanji (writing) for Koe.

What strings is the Koe fitted with?

Each violin is fitted with a set of Larsen Aurora strings that corresponds to the size of the instrument. These strings are a perfect fit for beginners, since they have a smooth, nonmetallic sound that pairs nicely with the Koe, which focuses on projection. Aurora strings are also durable, dependable, and affordable, which makes supporting beginners that much easier. 

Our highest priority at Shar Music® is to help you or your loved one find the joy of string music, whether that’s through playing, teaching, or experiencing music itself. We believe that loving music and cultivating that love can start at any age, which is one of the reasons why we are proud to be one of the largest suppliers of fractional sized string instruments in North America. Have you purchased a Koe? Have a question? Let us know in the comments below!

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