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Violin String Chart

Violin String Chart

Shar Music presents an extensive range of violin strings from major reputable brands, be it Dominant, Evah Pirazzi, Overture, Obligato, Helicore, Peter Infield, Vision, or any other.

Whether you’re a beginner or and intermediate or advanced musician, you’re sure to find what you need, in this one-stop shop for string family instruments, bows, sheet music, cases, strings, and accessories. Everyone from new students to virtuosos rely on Shar Music for all their needs pertaining to string instruments.

Make your Selection with our Violin String Chart

From performance-grade strings to beginner strings for students, and a plethora of strings and string sets in between, our collection can be exhaustive to pick from. As you’re exploring the abundant options available, you’ll be spoiled for choice. So here’s a little help in the form of our systematically arranged violin string chart.

Make your selection based on your specific requirements for strings - musical characteristic, brand, and budget of course. In our string chart featured above, the topmost corner showcases strings that are direct in nature and at the higher end of the cost spectrum, from brands Opal, Larsen Virtuoso, and Evah Pirazzi. The price range of these strings is $80 and above.

If you’re looking for strings that evoke subtlety and warmth, choose from strings featured in the leftmost bottom corner, ranging from $10 to $80 and from reputed manufacturers such as, Pro Arte, Pirastro Chorda, Pirastro Gold. On the opposite end of the spectrum, strings with a brilliant note from Overture, Red Label, Jargar Strings, Violin Prim, and other brands are available options to pick from. Priced between $10 and $40, these are quite affordable. 

Those of you who can invest more in high-quality Shar music strings can choose from strings from Thomastik, Vision, Dominant, and other brands costing $80 and higher. In the central region of the chart, strings from Peter Infeld with a synthetic core, Dominant Pro (Thomastik Infeld), Pirastro Passione, and others costing $80 and above offer a superb blend of all characteristics - subtle and warm, direct, and brilliant. But it doesn’t end there. Feel free to navigate the different areas in the Shar Music strings chart until you find strings that meet your specific requirements.

Opal Titan Violin Strings Rondo strings Larsen Virtuoso Violin Strings Dogal Capriccio Solo Violin Strings Evah Pirazzi Violin Strings Il Cannone Strings Obligato Violin Strings Vision Titanium Solo Violin Strings Pirastro Passione Solo Violin Strings Vision Titanium Orchestra Violin Strings Infeld Blue Violin Strings Perpetual Violin Strings Vision Solo Violin Strings Zyex Violin Strings Infeld Red Violin Strings Peter Infeld Violin Strings Dominant Pro Violin Strings Evah Pirazzi Gold Violin Strings Larsen Violin Strings Larsen Aurora Violin Strings Kaplan Vivo Violin Strings Helicore Violin Strings Kaplan Amo Violin Strings Spirit Violin Strings Passione Violin Strings Charm Violin Strings Wondertone Solo Violin Strings Jargar Superior Violin Strings Prelude Violin Strings Larsen Tzigane Violin Strings Dogal Vivaldi Violin Strings Corelli Alliance Vivace Violin Strings Dominant Violin Strings Pirastro Tonica Violin Strings Alphayue Violin Strings Overture Violin Strings Red Label Violin Strings Pirastro Oliv Violin Strings Overture Ultra Violin Strings Ascente Violin Strings Vision Violin Strings Jargar Violin Strings Prim Violin Strings Pirastro Eudoxa Violin Strings Pirastro Chorda Violin Strings Pirastro Gold Violin Strings Pro Arte Violin Strings Pirastro Chromcor Violin Strings