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Ingles Instrument Stand - for Cello/Bass

Item # : 1559C


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Keeps your instrument safe and within easy reach when you need to take a break. Sturdy construction of heavy-duty metal with padded rest points to help protect varnish. Ingles Model SA-22.

The cello stand will also accomodate a double bass and the violin stand will also work for viola.


Ingles Instrument Stand - for Cello/Bass

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Hannah Holt
1/4/2022 7:38:00 pm

A Great Investment!

"I bought this stand for my cello, and I will admit that at first, I thought $60 was a bit much for a simple stand. But now that I’ve had it for over 8 months, I know that it is well worth the money! I chose this stand as opposed to a less expensive cello stand because I wanted to make sure I got a sturdy stand that would be safe for my cello. It is! I have never felt like it is going to fall over when I put the cello on it. Also, all the parts that are adjustable have sturdy knobs that screw securely onto the metal frame. (Note: there are no holes for the knobs to screw into, but I’ve never had them slip.) I bought a cello stand to minimize set-up time before practice. Having my cello all ready to play helps tremendously! My total setup time has been reduced from over five minutes to just under two minutes! Also, I can keep my end pinout on my cello which helps with learning positions. Since positions are learned based on their location on the cello, pulling the endpin out just half an inch longer than usual makes your notes sound out of tune, and finding the positions pure guesswork! Another area that a cello stand will help you with is with performances. The stand “folds” to approximately 3’x2 ½’x3”, so it doesn’t take up a lot of extra space in the car. When you arrive at where you are going to perform, you can set the cello to the right height ahead of time and simply put it on the stand! It will already be the right height, and the endpin can stay out since it is no longer a tripping hazard. Also, the stand will protect the varnish on your cello and prevent your cello from falling over. The other cellists in our ensemble have remarked on how they like my cello stand, and one of them purchased one for herself! Another cellist in our ensemble remarks every time she sees my stand how she needs to get one! This instrument stand is definitely worth the money. It will make your cello last longer and will make for less set-up time (and therefore more practice time)!"