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Dominant Rosin for Violin and Viola

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Dominant Rosin for Violin and Viola | 1203
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Item# 1203

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About This Item

A natural rosin engineered to optimize the performance of synthetic core strings. Made from a delicate blend of fine resins and exotic wax, Dominant Rosin provides the precise friction needed to promote the ideal torsional vibration of any synthetic core violin or viola string. Its soft texture produces less dust and does not get gummed up on bow hair.

Warranty Info

1-Year Limited Warranty
This item comes with SHAR's 1 year warranty covering defects of workmanship or materials. General wear and tear or mis-use are not covered. Non-transferable.

30-Day Rosin Return Policy
Unopened and unused rosin may be returned within 30 days for any reason. We will not accept rosin back that has been used or damaged in anyway.

If you have any questions about this product's warranty or to make a return, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800.793.4334 or email us at [email protected]

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Customer Questions

Question by:


Asked On: 06/21/2016

Which kind of rosin would be best for a beginner violinist or violist? Light or Dark?

SHAR Answer:

It’s really a matter of personal preference. If you're a violinist, you're probably going to use a light rosin. “Light” rosin is amber colored and preferred by most violinists. “Dark” rosin is a deep jade color and tends to be preferred by violists and cellists. However, you don’t have to stick to this generalization. Dark rosin is stickier than light rosin, so it is usually a better choice in arid environments. It is also less likely to crack in the winter. If I were a beginner, I would choose a light rosin and see if you like it!

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Question by:


Asked On: 06/21/2016

How much rosin should I buy? How much will I need to use?

SHAR Answer:

Rosin is usually applied every time a player practices or plays at a concert, but you’d usually only use a few swipes on the bow for each application. Therefore, rosin can last for years, depending on how long you play each day. But with so many different types of rosin, even rosin with decorative designs, why would you want to go for years before buying a new one? At a price point of $5 to $20 per cake of rosin, these make great gifts to encourage the young musician in your life.

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