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A $10,00 Instrument for $3,600 or Less

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While a student at the Curtis Institute almost 50 years ago, I began selling strings at a discount to the Philadelphia Orchestra. This then unheard of discount practice expanded to bringing value to SHAR's national market. Over the years SHAR has had many other firsts all intended to save our customers money while providing the best quality and service. Most recently, our introduction of the Presto line of carbon fiber bows represented another breakthrough in performance and value. Now, and with great satisfaction, I have another major announcement to make.
SHAR is taking the lead, again. But, this time in offering a fine violin for advanced High School and College players. For years, violinists were required to spend around $10,000 for a quality European instrument that met the entry level standard for players at this level. We have been working with the best Chinese makers for years to develop instruments that would meet the needs of these players but at a more affordable price.

The John Cheng violin will delight you with its sound, quality and appearance. It's range of tone color and power is what you are looking for - all at a price that is within a person's budget.

I am proud to say that our new John Cheng line has achieved our goals of providing an affordable instrument that meets these performance needs. But don't take my word for it - try one with our In-Home Trial program, play it against a $10,000 instrument and judge for yourself.

- Charles Avsharian, SHAR CEO
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The emergence of high quality Chinese instruments, such as the John Cheng line at SHAR Products, has forever changed the music industry. In the past, it was necessary for my students to purchase instruments in excess of 15K in order to compete at the collegiate level. However, parents can now breathe a sigh of relief, as it is no longer necessary to spend such money to provide the tools necessary to advance their child's professional dream. A $3,000 Chinese fiddle is now capable of competing on the collegiate level and frequently supersedes all expectations. For this reason, it is my prediction that the market for such instruments will significantly increase over the next 5 years and these instruments will become commonplace in major universities across the country.

- Steven Shipps, Professor of Violin, University of Michigan

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