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Trade Ins

100% Trade-In Policy on SHAR instruments. There's never been a better time to "step-up" to your next violin.

In Home Trials

Shar Music in Home Trial

Our Safe, Easy, and Risk-Free In Home Trial Program allows you to try up to 2 violins for a 7 day trial period.

Making a Great Sound

Making a Great Sound

Read our interview with Hans Anderson about making a great violin sound.

A Schmidt™ Brazilwood Violin Bow

Instrument: Violin
Level: Beginning

A. Schmidt brazilwood bows are a good choice for young players. Offers better flexibility, response, and playability. Fully-lined ebony frog with Parisian three-part button, thumb leather, wire winding.


IMPORTANT: Most instrument replacement parts are not intended to be
installed by the customer; they MUST be installed by a trained luthier.
SHAR cannot assume any liability for damage that may be caused by
improper installation of replacement parts.

Violin, Aubert Mirecourt Deluxe. France. Aged maple. 4/4 only. Treated.


Baroque Pernambuco Violin Bow - 4/4 size

Instrument: Violin
Level: Intermediate

Baroque bows have always held a fascination with classical string players for their old-world elegance and beauty, but they have traditionally been too expensive for all but the serious Baroque player or the classical player/bow collector. After receiving numerous requests over the years we have worked to develop a Baroque bow that would be affordable for a beginning Baroque player or for a classical player interested in owning a bow in this elegant style. There is no notable difference in performance between pernambuco and snakewood bows.

Recommended for Beginners on a budget. The Prelude is made with higher quality tonewood that will allow Beginners to advance further on their musical journey before trading up to another instrument.

Hand made by skilled artisans from aged maple and spruce tonewoods. Enhanced arching gives a warmer and more powerful sound; careful varnish application gives a clean and precise look that brings out the beauty of the wood; better quality pegs allow your young student to master the intricacies of tuning. In every way, our Prelude will exceed your expectations for a beginner's instrument - it will delight both parents and teachers and inspire your young student. Set-up with Overture Premium strings. Outfit includes KVB Brazilwood bow, rosin and TC66 shaped case. Made in China, inspected in our Ann Arbor workshop. Available in 4/4 - 1/32 sizes.

This Franz Hoffmann violin does not come with any accessories, it is the violin only. Most players purchase an outfit to start which includes a case, bow, and rosin, all of which are needed to begin playing. You can find an outfit here.


Otto Ernst Fischer® Bianca Violin 4/4 Size

REVIEWED ON: May 25, 2014

The best violin ever owned!

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reviewed by: HALEY SCHILLIG

I got this for my fiance. He had a cheap-ish violin to begin with for the past years. He has been doing this forever and he is very talented, but this violin just displays his talent even more. It hits the highest of notes so beautifully!


Franz Hoffmann® Concert Violin Outfit - 4/4 size

REVIEWED ON: May 01, 2014


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reviewed by: Anonymous

the sound is amazing, love this violin. BUT the only thing is it's VERY easy to leave a mark on this violin. The scratches on mine look pretty bad but i hope i can blemish it. OTher than that, the sound, quality and everythig else is absolutely amazing


Carlo Lamberti® Master Series Guarneri Violin - 3/4 size

REVIEWED ON: April 18, 2014

Beautiful Instrument!

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reviewed by: Anonymous

The Carlo Lamberi Master Series Guarneri Violin has a beautiful open sound, especially in the upper register. This is an excellent instrument for an advancing student.


Carlo Lamberti® Sonata Violin

REVIEWED ON: April 18, 2014

Excellent violin!

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reviewed by: Anonymous

The Carlo Lamberti Sonata violin is an excellent instrument for its price range. It was a clear and powerful tone. My student recently purchased this instrument and has enjoyed it so much that her practice time has greatly increased! I recommend this instrument to all my beginning to intermediate level students.


Franz Hoffmann® Amadeus Violin Outfit - 4/4 size

REVIEWED ON: April 03, 2014

Haffman Amadeus

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reviewed by: Anonymous

As a beginner I was not really sure to look for and after finding this website and looking at reviews for this company they seemed like a really good deal. I bought this with the notion that if I do continue I will be purchasing a much better beginner violin. What I say is that you get what you pay for. It is only 109 with just the violin and 159 for the outfit, but still cheap. The violin has little marks here and there, but managed what I need it to do until I save for a better one. If you can save or have the money I would suggest purchasing a more expensive one.


Carlo Lamberti® Classic Violin - 3/4 Size

REVIEWED ON: April 01, 2014

Beautiful Sound & Appearance

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reviewed by: Anonymous

After looking for a decent violin for 6 months, visiting lots of local places as well as trying those on Craigslist, we finally came across a Carlo Lamberti Classic. We had heard about it and I even contemplated on renting one to try it out but I confess I was really biased when it came to non-European violins! We wanted a quality German violin (antique or new), maybe Italian or French, but definitely not interested in Chinese violins. We wanted one under $1,000 but there was absolutely no decent German violin around that price tag anywhere (only the mass produced cheap ones that don't even sound like a real violin!). So when our daughter played Carlo Lamberti, we could not believe the beautiful sound it produced! Deep G string, mellow D, clear & sweet A, and bright E! The 3/4 size was on par (the tone & volume) with a full size quality German violin which cost 3-4 times more! It is also beautiful to look at! We were sold immediately and could not believe the value we were getting! Shar is right - it's the best value for the money and we highly recommend it!


Carlo Lamberti® Master Series Guarneri Violin - 3/4 size

REVIEWED ON: March 25, 2014

Lamberti Master Series

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reviewed by: ANDREW CAMACHO

I recently uprated to the Carlo Lambert Master series violin. This is a wonderful instrument. The tone is warm and resonant without sacrificing clarity and projection. The setup is outstanding: bridge feet fitted to the belly, string notches evenly spaced, pegs fitted for easy tuning, etc. The careful craftsmanship that went into this violin is apparent. Thanks to everyone at Shar.


John Cheng™ Limited Series Violin - 4/4 size

REVIEWED ON: March 23, 2014


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reviewed by: SAMUEL SONG

This instrument sounds phenomenal! Reading about the descriptions about this violin, I was expecting something pretty amazing.. and the John Cheng Limited definitely delivered. For a $3000 violin, it goes above and beyond. The sound is even, it's rich, robust, powerful, and full (meaty is a good definition for the sound). It is quite loud too. Being anew violin, the sound wasn't fully settled into the violin. But, as I play more and more on it, I can hear the violin opening up and sounding fuller and much, much better. Aside from that, the violin itself is beautiful! The varnish is well done and the back, too, looks outstanding. Everyone who played it, gave good feedback and compliments about it! And I'm definitely with them. This is a violin I'm going to keep for a very long time!


Franz Hoffmann® Etude Violin Outfit - 4/4 size

REVIEWED ON: March 22, 2014

Excellent violin for the price!

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reviewed by: HEATHER HERTTNA

My husband and I bought this violin so that we would be able to learn and practice along with our 5 yr old son and we couldn't be more pleased. Our instructor, who plays professionally, was very impressed with both the quality and the sound of the violin, especially considering the price. She said that it has "very good color" and I personally find it is very easy to play and get a good sound out of it as a very basic student.


Ming-Jiang Zhu Workshop Conservatory Violin - 4/4 size

REVIEWED ON: March 11, 2014

Amazing Violin

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reviewed by: Anonymous

I purchased this violin in February after trying several violins from the Shar Fine Instrument Shop. I LOVE this violin!! It plays such rich tones and perfect pitches! I have never enjoyed playing my violin more than since I purchased this violin! A great investment!!