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30-Day Guarantee

When you order an instrument from Shar Music® you are part of a longer journey that began over sixty years ago. That journey is now our mission--to spread joy through string music for generations to come. Our team works hard to make sure that your personalized selection finds its way to you on time and at the right price, whether you're a seasoned professional or a curious beginner starting out for the first time.

Sixty years ago, Charles Avsharian sold violin strings out of his own violin case to students. He innovated. He rebelled against the inflated prices set by manufacturers. He put quality play in the hands of all. And that tradition continues to this day.

Whether you want to learn about how to care for your instrument, get some sheet music recommendations, or just need a little light reading, the Shar Music Blog has something for everyone.

We believe in the future of string music. There is no shortage of talented young artists working today, standing on the threshold of successful and vital careers, working in genres from classical to pop and beyond. We created Young Strings of America to support the next generation of string players as they embark on their musical journeys.

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