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Warchal Brilliant Vintage Violin E String

Warchal Brilliant Vintage Violin E String | W801E
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About This Item

Preserve the old world sound of your violin without sacrificing responsiveness. The VINTAGE version of WARCHAL BRILLIANT strings uses a lower tension, which means less interference with the natural resonance of your older instrument. Despite their depth and warmth, these strings are still bright and focused. Few string sets can combine a traditional gut feel with the brilliance, focus, and durability of a synthetic like BRILLIANT VINTAGE.

(Note: While designed and hand-made specifically for older violins, WARCHAL BRILLIANT VINTAGE is not intended for baroque instruments with lower tuning.)


Product No.NoteCoreWinding Materials
W800S Bset
(Ball End E)
W800S Lset
(Loop End E)
W801E BEMetalBall End
W801E LEMetalLoop End
W802AASyntheticHydronalium / Hydronalium
W803DDSyntheticHydronalium / Hydronalium
W804GGSyntheticStainless Steel / Pure Silver

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Please inspect your strings immediately upon receipt. Installed strings are not returnable, unless they break within the first 30 days after purchase.

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Unopened strings may be returned within 30 days, so that we may supply all our customers with the freshest possible strings. Because of tonal qualities of each instrument are unique, we cannot accept string returns for reasons of tone, including false strings.

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About This Brand

WARCHAL STRINGS draws on the experience of two generations of violinists.

In 1960, Bohdan Warchal, an outstanding violinist, established the Slovak Chamber Orchestra. Under his leadership, the orchestra developed into a distinguished ensemble and gained worldwide recognition. Warchal and his orchestra gave almost 2500 concerts in all of Europe, as well as in the USA, South America, Australia, China, Korea and Japan. During his 40 years of directing the orchestra, he produced more than 150 records and CDs. Bohdan Warchal also taught at several universities in Central Europe. He had a very specific relationship to sound, which was inherited by his son, Bohdan Warchal, Jr. In 1998 an asteroid was named after Bohdan Warchal.

Bohdan Warchal, Jr., graduated from Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. Since 1989, he has been a member and later the concertmaster of the Slovak Chamber Orchestra. He is pedagogically active in the Conservatory and the Academy of Musical Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia, and is the author of the book "The Natural Way of Playing the Violin." As a violinist, he has been searching for an ideal instrument, the bow but also the musical instrument strings. He has always been captivated by the world of sound and the production of instruments. Within a short period of time, he managed to constitute a team of experts from Slovakia and from abroad, and to start research. In 2003, he established the company WARCHAL, whose ambition is to produce strings of the highest quality. He currently coordinates research in the company's sound laboratory.

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