82 Search Results found for: "Joy of Cello Playing"

82 Search Results found for: "Joy of Cello Playing"

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The Art of Cello Playing by L Potter, Jr

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Scales, arpeggios, shift studies, duets, etudes, pieces, repertoire list. (230 pp. paperback)

Cello Playing Is Easy: Individual Lesson Tracker

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Cello Playing Is Easy: Warm Up Planner

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Playing The String Game by Phyllis Young

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Strategies for teaching cello and strings. Contains many creative teaching games for string students. (102 pp, paperback)

Horvath, Janet - Playing (Less) Hurt - 2009 Revised Edition

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A revised edition of the original book. A readable, comprehensive guide for all concerned with pain in musical work: professionals, amateurs, teachers, students, doctors and therapists. Players off all instruments will play and feel better. The author, associate principal cellist of the Minnesota Orchestra, lists player pains and injuries and offers prevention and treatment suggestions. This new revision includes expanded chapters on hearing, instrument modifications, photos of ergonomic products, resource list, and information for classroom music teachers and education.

Advanced Applications - Part 4 of the Cello Playing is Easy Series - by Tanya Lesinsky Carey

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Cello Playing is Easy is a series of books in five areas of cello study which guides the emerging or experienced cellist, teacher, and practice partner through concise, organized steps to becoming or producing fine cellists in these areas: Warm-ups, Scales and Arpeggios, Etudes, Reading, and Repertoire Study and Building.

"Aspiring music students will treasure this revelatory and indispensable resource. Dr. Carey has enlisted the ideal spokespeople to impart wisdom only gained through a lifetime of music."
- Walter Preucil, Cellist, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Suzuki, Cello Instructor, Preucil String Studio

Roos, Anne - The Musician's Guide to Brides Book: How to Make Money Playing Weddings - Hal Leonard

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Professional harpist Anne Roos draws upon her years of experience working with wedding planners and brides to guide the reader every step of the way to becoming a successful wedding musician. Readers will also get insider advice from internationally recognized wedding planning professionals, comprehensive worksheets, and checklists that provide all they need to know to plan their business and performances, and even sheet music arrangements of traditional wedding music. This is a must-have book for musicians and bands who want to keep their calendar full with high-paying wedding ceremonies and receptions.

82 Items


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