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Music for Three, Volume 8, Part 2 Violin, Flute or Oboe Published by Last Resort Music

Music for Three, Volume 8, Part 2 Violin, Flute or Oboe Published by Last Resort Music | 5911 282

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Item# 5911 282

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About This Item

Music for Three is a large collection of intermediate difficulty music ranging from modern to baroque and including everything in between.  Each book contains one part and each part is published for a wide variety of instruments, providing for a wide variety of possible ensembles.  This music is not only great for both the gigging musician, as it is flexible and fairly easy to put together, but it is also good for developing players looking for recognizable and enjoyable ensemble repertoire.

Volume 8, Part 2 for Violin, Oboe, or Flute.  Arranged by Daniel Kelley.  Published by Last Resort Music.

Difficulty: A4 (Apprentice Rating)

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Asked On: 07/17/2016

How does the A4 (Apprentice rating) compare to the beginner (1-2), Intermediate (3-4), and Advanced (5-6) ratings as described in your Shar Music Difficulty Ratings?

SHAR Answer:

Hi Glenda, Thanks for your question. We would say that the A4 (apprentice rating) would compare the best to Intermediate Level 4 rating as described in our blog post about music difficulty ratings. Some of the songs in this particular book are easier or harder, but generally speaking we'd rate this a "Level 4". Intermediate level repertoire rated “4” is similar in difficulty to Advanced Technique for Strings, the fourth book in the Essential Elements series. Likewise, repertoire of level “4” intermediate difficulty is similar to pieces in Suzuki books 6 through 8. Our intermediate level pieces with a “4” rating usually explore keys up to four sharps or flats and utilize more advanced bow strokes such as spiccato, sautille, or simple ricochet. The repertoire in this difficultly level may also feature brief forays into higher positions (for example, 6th and 7th positions), double-stops, and chords. Hope this helps!

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