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Mozart, WA - Quartets, Volume 1: Ten Famous Quartets - Two Violins, Viola, and Cello - edited by Andreas Moser and Hugo Becker - Kalmus Edition

Mozart, WA - Quartets, Volume 1: Ten Famous Quartets - Two Violins, Viola, and Cello - edited by Andreas Moser and Hugo Becker - Kalmus Edition | 5336 112

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Item# 5336 112

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About This Item

Comprised of some of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's best-known and beloved string quartets from his middle to late period, 10 Famous Quartets is part of a larger collection of great works by this master. It contains both the quartet subtitled "The Hunt" (K. 458), and also the work known as "Dissonance" (K. 465), a very forward-thinking piece of music for its time. For a full list of contents, please see "Item Includes".

This edition contains parts for two violins, viola, and cello (no score), and is revised by Andreas Moser and Hugo Becker. Published by Kalmus.

Difficulty: A4/A5

Item Includes


Quartet in G Major, K. 387
Quartet in d minor, K. 421
Quartet in E-flat Major, K. 428
Quartet in B-flat Major (" Hunt"), K. 458
Quartet in A Major, K. 464
Quartet in C Major ("Dissonance"), K. 465
Quartet in D Major, K. 499
Quartet in D Major, K. 575
Quartet in B-flat Major, K. 589
Quartet in F Major, K. 590

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Asked On: 08/01/2016

What is the difference between the Kalmus edition and the Edition Peters? Thank you.

SHAR Answer:

Hi Catherine! That's a great question. Normally, the main difference would be in the editors, in whoever edited the music, but in this particular case the editors happen to be the same (Moser & Becker). In general, there isn't a huge difference between one edition and another (because after all, the notes all have to be the same). The differences usually lie in the player's personal preference. For example, some editions are better than others about placing page-turns in logical places. Some editions come with nicer binding or stitching and hold up better in terms of wear & tear over the years. Some editions have larger print or smaller print. It just depends on the publisher, the editor and the piece of music (in this respect, this isn't all that different than a literary classic being published by multiple publishers in different-looking editions). We are not recommending one edition over another, but just as a general guideline, the nicer, more durable editions tend to be priced higher. You might try taking a look at the pictures on our website of the first page sample to see which printing/note sizes you prefer. Hope that helps.

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