The Popper Manifesto A Do-It Yourself Guide DVD

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The Popper Manifesto A Do-It Yourself Guide DVD

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A Must-Have for Every Cellist and Cello Teacher

The Popper Manifesto is THE authoritative guide to intense study of David Popper’s High School of Cello Playing (40 Etudes, Op. 73). Authored and performed by notable cellist and pedagogue Dennis Parker, The Popper Manifesto consists of the entire book on CD, and Professor Parker’s performance on DVD.

The Popper Manifesto discusses the diverse techniques cellists encounter in Popper's beloved one hundred year old volume, and includes countless suggestions that aim to improve the quality and focus of practice time. Offering an entire philosophy of cello playing, the CD Book and DVD together offer a virtual master class of every study.

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The Popper Manifesto

I purchased the Popper Manifesto based on the subtitle of "A Do-It Yourself Guide". I wanted to be able to see and practice methods introduced in this "Do-It Yourself Guide". I was extremely disappointed to find a master cellist playing at such a rapid rate that I had to slow the DVD to a 1/8th speed just to see what he was doing.

Very Exciting playing!!!

If one can say that from an etude performance, it really must be a blast!!! I really enjoy this DVD. It's like having a private teacher at home, preparing you for the real professional cello life. After doing these etudes, one can basicaly play anything else from the cello rep. Mr. Parker's ideas are very solid based on Janos Starker principles of cello technique: bow arm principles, shifting methodologies, and musicianship. I can say this is a wonderful resouce for learning and teaching the cello. Every teacher should have a copy of these. The accompanying booklet is a real cello technique guide that one can use for the technical problems founded in the cello repertoire (sonatas, concertos, suites...)
Highly recommended. Hope Mr. Parker come up with another CD or DVD soon (with performances of cello sonatas and concertos)

Great DVD

Just a wonderful recording. Shure a reference work. His playing is marvelous. A real virtuoso!

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