Mach One V-16 Viola Shoulder Rest
Mach One V-16 Viola Shoulder Rest
Mach One V-16 Viola Shoulder Rest
Mach One V-16 Viola Shoulder Rest
Mach One V-16 Viola Shoulder Rest
Mach One V-16 Viola Shoulder Rest

Mach One

Mach One V-16 Viola Shoulder Rest

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Mach One V16: The Ergonomic Shoulder Rest for Violists

The legendary fit and feel of the Mach One in an updated high-tech version. The V16, for viola, has the unique highly-curved shape that so many violists have discovered, but in a more economical and lighter synthetic double-injected version. Firm and comfortable support, with a ridged rubberized material for added grip. Easily washable. Adjusts to fit most violas with a lower bout measuring between 235mm-270mm (9.25”-10.6”). See images for how to measure the lower bout.

Customer Reviews

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Mark B.
Low Profile Design

This shoulder rest is my first...I've been playing without one since I started Viola 18 months ago. The Mach One is a good choice for me as my neck is shorter than some other players, and the low profile is a must. My only gripe is that this rest is not a good fit for Violas with a narrower lower bout (my instrument is a 16" Viola). The feet are both set to the narrowest position and still, it is not snug on my instrument. I had to rob the "fatter" feet from another shoulder rest to get this one to work, and there is no room for any lateral adjustment.

Very uncomfortable

Absolutely horrible. I bought this and played with it in my lesson. I never could play comfortably with it. I felt like my viola was constantly slipping. My professor noted how the curve design really made it impractical. At the end, it’s curving away from your body. Now they want me to pay to return it.

Diane Ayers
Great shoulder rest

This shoulder rest changed everything for the better. It’s such a good fit and it frees me up to shift and have better vibrato.

So comfortable!

I have been searching for the perfect shoulder rest for years and I've tried everything. I've taken recommendations from everyone, but every musician's set-up is different! Nothing has been comfortable because I need a low set-up, but a sponge just isn't
enough. When I saw this wonky-shaped Mach one, I had to give it a try. I was skeptical because there isn't really any padding, and the shape is so different. However, as soon as I put it on my viola, I noticed a major difference. I no longer need to shift
the position of my viola while playing because it stays on my shoulder. The rubberized bottom is comfortable, even thought there isn't any traditional padding on it. It doesn't feel "hard" or like it is "digging in." I was surprised, but I am so happy with
this shoulder rest!

Pleasantly surprised by this shoulder rest!

I was skeptical about the lack of padding and this shoulder rest felt a little stiff compared to my Kun the first time I used it, but after a day or so I was completely hooked. The rubbery surface is very stable while playing and the shape/angle is so comfortable for me that I don't even miss the padding! As a violist with a long neck it's been hard to find a shoulder rest that keeps everything at a comfortable height and angle for me but this one seems to do the trick. I've had no issues with the feet slipping and sliding off while playing and my viola feels more resonant with this shoulder rest compared to others I've used.

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