Hamilton Trigger Studio Stand with Extra Shelf
Hamilton Trigger Studio Stand with Extra Shelf


Hamilton Trigger Studio Stand with Extra Shelf

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The Hamilton Trigger Stand is ideal for studio teachers and orchestral players. One hand trigger mechanism allows players to easily raise or lower the desk with only one hand - no more juggling your instrument and bow while trying to adjust the height of your music stand! Another benefit we've found is that the trigger holds the stand very securely, so much so that it does not easily swivel, allowing you to mark music without the desk swiveling away from you. Extra felt-lined (quiet) shelf makes this the perfect studio stand. Desk is 19 3/4"  by 13 3/4". Height adjusts from 30.5" to 52" measured to the lip where the music sits on the desk. Lip depth is 2 3/8". Weighs a solid 13 lbs and holds up to 10 lbs.

My favorite! This stand makes it easy to adjust the height for each student in my studio. I don't have to fuss with pushing and pulling on the stand but can spend my time teaching.
Michael AvSharian, Shar Executive Vice-President and violin teacher

Hamilton stands are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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pay attentiont ot the height

Very nice, sturdy, stable. Won't get tipped over if someone bumps it. The desk is plenty big for a music folder. The extra shelf is very handy (but a bit unattractive though I don't know why it bothers me :) The felt lining on the shelf is very nice to keep items quiet.
I only have two minor negatives: the felt was wrinkly in spots and it could have been trimmed more neatly - I was able to take care of both of these. The other issue is that it arrived scratched in a couple places - not all the way down to bare metal but into the paint/coating. Whoever packed the order added my other items into the box with the stand without wrapping them and I believe that's what caused the scratches. It's really a drag to have my brand-new, expensive (for me) stand to arrive already scratched.

Love it

As a student & parent, I bought this for strength, stability, height, and storage. Other reviewers say that it falls apart. While we haven't had this stand for more than a month and we almost never move it from the practice space, we love that it is strong enough to hold 5 + music books without difficulties and has storage space for pencils, practice mute, etc. It met our needs so much that we are thinking of purchasing another.

love this stand

I am really glad that I spent the extra money to get a quality stand. This one is very sturdy, and I love having the extra shelf to rest my bow and my tuner. It's a great stand to keep in my music room

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