Thomastik Dominant Pro Violin String Set 4/4 with bonus aluminum D string
Thomastik Dominant Pro Violin String Set 4/4 with bonus aluminum D string

Dominant Pro (Thomastik Infeld)

Thomastik Dominant Pro Violin String Set 4/4 with bonus aluminum D string

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Now available for a limited time! This limited edition Dominant Pro set includes a bonus aluminum-wound, synthetic core D string to help you expand your tonal palette. Using this alternate D makes for a more direct, focused sound than the standard silver-wound D (also included), affording the player the projection to sing over any orchestra.

Introducing the Thomastik Dominant Pro Violin Strings, a new and improved version of the original classic, designed for the modern professional performer.

• Exceptionally powerful compared to classic Dominant
• Good balance of brilliance and warmth
• Broad range of sound colors
• Warmer and broader than PIs with less tension
• Supports the radiance of the instrument
• Reacts immediately with a focused sound core
• A sound that fills the room
• Bell-like tonal character
• High resistance to bow pressure
• Suitable for soloists, orchestra and fiddle playing.
• Very high dynamic level (can be played very quietly and very loudly)

Instrument: Violin
String Type: SET
Size: 4/4
Gauge: Medium

E String: Tin Plated over Steel Core, Removable Ball End

A String: Aluminum Wound over Synthetic Core

D String: Silver Wound over Synthetic Core

G String: Silver Wound over Synthetic Core

Customer Reviews

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Robert Fortunato
thomastik dominanto pro strings

I changed over from oliv and obligato, The dominant pros settled in within two days. the initial metallic sound resolved in a day. They are now stable, powerful, even toned across all strings and rich in tone. They allow changes in color based on bow usage and can withstand strong bow weight near the bridge without faltering. Response time is immediate even on the g string and there is virtually no bow noise, fuzz or breaks in tone in any situation. I have been absolutely positively impressed by these strings with their performance beyond my expectations in all categories. I have an 1854 school of vuillaume voirin jacquet violin.

Michael B.
Loud and clear

Very powerful sound. These strings have not yet broken in, but I am impressed with the tone and volume thus far. These would be excellent for any soloist in my opinion.

Daniel V
Absolutely solid set of strings!

This set of strings has easily become one of my favorites for its tone and durability. I think the idea of adding the Aluminum D is even better because there is a material difference in the sound and having the flexibility to try both Ds for what my instrument and the repertoire I play really makes me a returning customer!

great set of strings

These strings are very resonant and warm, my teachers also like them. I prefer using the silver D instead of the aluminum D.

great set of strings

these are a great set of strings, they are warm sounding and direct, it fits my violin well

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